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In this page most we talk about Medan.

In the past Medan was called 'Paris van Sumatera'. In book of W. Feldwick 'Present day Impressions of the far East and prominent & progressive Chinesse at home and Abroad. The history, people, commerce, industries and resources of China, Hongkong, Indo-China, Malay and Nederlands India ( 1917) page 1.185 written 'Medan is the queen city of the island of Sumatera, and is, moreover, the chief trading on the east coast, which is the most important and progressive quarter of the island.' And wrote that sanitation '...equal to that any English town.' In his other book :'The Global Encyclopedia Company London-Shanghai-Saigon-Singapore&Batavia' 1917 written :'And altogether, Medan is very pleasant place, a joy forever,'

Many countries already contributed to developed Medan as a city but after Medan then united with Indonesia thus many people came from other island like Java to Medan then replace Medan face to ruin and horrible place .Things not change in Medan is just the native Medan solidarity to other people as you know in Medan multilateral, multiethnic have lived for many centuries and every one can/able to speak their mother language and also bring the variety of food . Each people with different ethnic contributes to thousands of tasty, mouth-watering dishes found in every corner of Medan from morning till morning every day . Name it : from Java sweet food, to delicious Batak food, to hor tasty Padang dishes, savoury Chinesse noodles, to spicy Indian curry, all is available. That is why the locals people are so into food. So Medan also well known as food tourism place, especially amongst other Indonesians.


Need penthouse or condominium? Cambridge condominium, jl . Zainul Arifin attached to Swiss Bell Hotel

There are many high rise apartment buildings in Medan, but most expats live in houses in major housing complexes. The housing areas that are popular with expats include: Setia Budi , Royal Sumatera Complex, Bumi Asri, and Cemara Asri complex, etc.

Those housings or complexes are self-contained housing estate with its own security guards and amenities i.e swimming pool, tennis and badminton courts , football field. The lastest edition to this estate is the Go-Cart. There are several Rumah Makan in the estate but they operate mainly only at night.

    Dining Out - Places to Eat , 

Traditional specialities

Tabo Bah, Komplek Multatuli Blok D no.48-49 061-450673

Onma Tabo Jl. Bukit Barisan II no.122 MedanTel. 061 6620 226 OPEN : 11   AM-5PM 

SEMPURNA NAULI , JL.SEMPURNA UJUNG NO.169, Tel.061 7869854 , Enter from JL. Sisingamangaraja to UISU junction/Jl.Pelangi, turn to left then straight or ask the people there.

Dapur Batak Roma , Jl. Pabrik tenun no.54 Tel. 061 4148664,

RM Robema , Jl. Hj.Misbah , Kompleks Multatuli Indah, Medan no.55 ( Behind Shanghai restorant )

Western Restaurants

O’Flaherty’s, Jl. Padang Golf (Favourite hangout for Caucasian expats on Friday nights)
The Traders, Jl. Kapt.Patimura No. 423, Tel. 4531881
Music Café, Medan Mall 4th storey
Trattoria near the Indian consulate has good Italian food.
Bakerzin, Jl. Teungku Daud No. 9 Medan. (061) 451-9021
Roland's German Restaurant - Jl. Setia Budi No. 262, Medan - (061) 821-4379
Prime's Steak, JW.Marriot Hotel
Havana Cuban Kafe, Jl. Sei Bingei No,11/13, Medan - (061) 4521456
Bel Mondo, Jl. KH. Zainal Arifin No. 122 B - Medan - (061) 451-745
Harbour9 Dining & Bar, Forum 9 Building, Jl. Listrik No. 9, Medan

Japanese Food

Grand Angkasa Hotel
Itcho Sun Plaza
Sushi Tei, Jl. Teuku Daud No. 6/12. Medan 20152. Telephone +62 61 4515236 & Sun Plaza 
Wasabi Nami, Capital Building Lt.6, Jl. Putri Hijau No.1A, Medan  061-4555757 
Takigawa, Jl. A. Rifai No. 4, Medan. 061-4147976

Chinese Food

Nelayan, Jl. Gudang No.39, Tel.6613081,
Asian Delight Jl. Asia
Jl Pemuda
Jl. Pegadaian
Jumbo Seafood, Jl. Putri Hijau No.8ABCD, Tel.4525653
Merak Jingga, Jl. P.Merak Jingga No.7, Tel.4562505
Ria, Jl. Letjend.Haryono MT No.11-15, Tel.4575666
Sheraton Seafood, Jl. Orion No.95-103, Tel.4526244
Warisan, Jl. Pemuda No.34-36, Tel.4519454
Wisma Benteng, Jl. Kapt.Maulana Lubis No.6, Tel.4513000
Rumah Makan 83, Jl. A.Yani No. 83
Duck King, Cambridge Mall -
Crystal Jade, Angkasa Hotel
Jade Restaurant, JW.Marriot Hotel

Thai Food

Sawasdee Thai Restaurant. Jl. Multatuli Raya no 36-37 blok FF Telp: 061-4570268
Jittlada, Cambridge Mall.

Nice Cafes to Hangout

Roemah Kopi Wak Nur, next to Trattoria (same owner)
Kok Tung, Sun Plaza 
QQ Cafe, Sun Plaza 
Coffee Box, Sun Plaza 
Starbucks, Sun Plz and Cambridge
Opal Cafe

Indonesia Food

Warisan Tempoe Doeloe, Jl. Abdullah Lubis
Desa Desa, Jl.Setiabudi

Roadside Stalls (kedai makan or rumah makan)

Semarang. Jl. Semarang
Selat Panjang. Jl. Selat Panjang

What are special regional food dishes from Medan?

Bika Ambon, Jl. Mojopahit
Marquisa, Jl. Mojopahit
Jambu Klutuk, Pasar Ramai
Asinan Mangga Pasar Ramai
Teri Pasar Sambu
Bolu Gulung, Jl. Meranti
Durian (found everywhere in season), meranti cake, jambu tenteng, markisa and terung belanda


Movie Theaters:
Cinema21 at Sun Plaza
Cinema21 at Thamrin Plaza
Cinema 21 Hermes Place Shopping Mall


Bukit Lawang Orang Utan in the wild (Not sure whether still around after the great flood)
Mountain Sibayak ( volcano 1800) Brastagi
Lake Toba Samosir Island, TukTuk Island, Marina Island,
Beach Gudang Garam, Klang Putih, Pantai Cermin
Sun Plaza Ice Skating
Crocodile Farm

Graha Helvetia Komp. Graha Helvetia
Setia Budi Komp. Setia Budi
Tanjung Morawa

Health Clubs:
Tiara Hotel
Celebrity, Sun Plaza
MyLife Gym, Cambridge Mall
Clark Hatch Grand Angkasa Hotel
Emerald Gardenia Hotel
Best Western Hotel
Novotel Soechi Hotel
Polonia Hotel

Religious Services

Wesley Methodist Church
Jl. Sultan Agung No. 9

Services in English. Services are held in the chuch building. For more information, facebook.com/wesleymcmedan


Need to buy clothings, underwear, jacket, hat in big quantity? Pasar Sentral Sambu but beware of pick pocket, you must put the bag to front side of your body.

Need to buy textile in small or big quantity, fruits,  second grade products or imported things like porcelains, rug, assecories? Pasar Petisah

Shopping Centers         

Suzuya Department Store

Mr. Ben's, Jl. Muara Takus, a tiny grocery store, but full of imported goods. It has been long voted as the favourite place for expats to shop.

Macan Yaohan - located at Medan Mall, P. Brayan, Merak Jingga, Iskandar Muda, Aksara, Sukaramai, and Katamso
Berastagi Supermarket, Jl. Gatot Subroto
Cambridge Mall attached to Swiss Bell Hotel
Plaza Medan Fair CarreFour
Sun Plaza ,
Medan Mall

Specialty Shops


There are many international schools in Medan, here is the map online: https://www.bing.com/mapspreview?&ty=17&q=international%20school%20adress


JL. JEND.BESAR A.H. NASUTION NO.88 A, KEL.HARJOSARI III, MEDAN AMPLAS PHONE 061 7853630, 7853671, 7853672 FAX 061 7853631, 7853673 email: info@pos.sch.id   www.pos.sch.id

Medan International School Jl. Sisingamangaraja 20166 Medan

Kingston International School Jl. Mojopahit Medan

Singapore International School  Jl. abdullah Lubis Medan Phone 061 4143308 Stanford International School Jl. Jambi 61 , Pndau Hulu II, Medan Area , Medan 10211 061 4557188

Medan International School ,Jl. Letjen Jmin Ginting Km 10, Tali Air 5, Mangga, Medan Tuntungan, 20141 Phone +62 61 8361816 / 61 8366175

Ecole France Telecom, Mission Laique Francaise
Jalan Letjen Jamin Ginding Km 10
PO Box 1190
MEDAN 20111
Tel : (061) 831 816
Fax : (061) 831 894 email : Mismedan@idola.net.id

Medan Japanese School, Jl. Sei Asahan no.50 Medan

Islamic International Darul Ilmi Murni Jl. Besar Namorambe, Delitua Medan, 20355 Phone 061 7033061

International Education Centre Inc Jl. mlaka 25/59 Pandau Hilir, Medan Perjuangan Medan 20232 Sumut Phone 061 4524782

Libra Education Institute Jl. Brigjend.Katamso Komplek Surya Berlian BI A 8-9 & B9 Suka Maju Medan Johor , Medan 20146 Phone 061 78826290

Medan International School

P.O. Box 1190
Medan, Sumatra Utara 20122
Phone (62-61) 836-1894, 836-1816
Fax (62-61) 836-1894
Email misadmin@mismedan.org
Website www.mismedan.org
Curriculum - American Levels - elementary and junior high school
Matthew Kirby, Principal

Singapore Indonesia School (SIS Medan) 
Jl. Abdullah Lubis No. 14, Medan
Sumatera Utara 20153
Tel: (+62 61) 414 3308 / 49 
Fax: (+62 61) 452 5328

Kinderland Preschool
Jl. Tumapel No. 12, Medan
Telp. (62-61) 451-6410, 451-0795

Medical Care

RS Columbia Asia - Jl. Listrik No.6, Tel. 456-6368
RS St. Elisabeth - Jl. H.Misbah No.7, Tel. 414-4737
Martha Friska Hospital, Jl. Multatuli, Komplek Taman Multatuli Indah No.1 Medan. (061) 4149666
Sumatera Eye Center,  Jl Sultan Iskandar Muda 278 Medan, (061) 4525058
Opening soon - Siloam hospital

Consular Offices / Cultural Centers

American Consulate 
Jl. Walikota No. 13
Medan, North Sumatra
Tel. 061-415-2200
Fax 061-451-8711
Sean Stein, U.S. Consul for Sumatra

Netherlands Consulate
Jalan Cakrawati No. 12 
Desa Aur - Medan Maimun 
Medan 20151
Tel. +62-61-414 6306 / 455 7078
Fax +62-61-453 6130
Email conmednl@indosat.net.id

Doing business in Indonesia?

Many companies in Medan who have taken root for many years even since no Indonesia like Good year, Bridgestone, London Sumatera, British American Tobacco, and many more.
So, Sumatera, specially Medan already get used to diversity, multilateral , multiculture from long-long time ago so when you see film 'Act of Killing' it was not only happened in Medan, not only happen to the Chinesse people, propaganda of comunist used to kill whomever they did not like in Indonesia, near my village during that time my grand-grand parents saw how the river Sigeaon in Tarutung was red filled with the blood of the people who killed as comunist, the victims there were all Batak people .

American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia ( AmCham )
World trade Center , 11th floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 29-31
Jakpus, Indonesia 12920
Tel. ( 62-21) 526-2860
Fax  (62-21 ) 526-2861
website www.amcham.or.id
Mr. Andrew white , Managing Director
Ms. Sarah Howe, Executive Director
Membership -500

Indonesia Australia Business Council ( IABC )
World Trade Center, 11 th floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.29-31
Jakarta 12920, Indonesia
Tel ( 62-21) 521-1540
Fax ( 62-21) 521-1541
Email secretariat@iabc.or.id
website www.iabc.or.id
Membership -200

British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia ( Britcham )
Tel  (62-21) 5229453
Fax ( 62-21) 5279135
website www.britcham.or.id
Mr. Malcolm Llewellyn, Chairman
Mr. Chris Wren, Executive Director
Membership -800

Indonesia Canada Chamber of Commerce ( ICCC)
c/o Canadian Education International
Tel (62-21) 527 7890
Fax ( 62-21) 527 7891
email secretariat@iccc.or.id
website www.iccc.or.id
Mr. Chris Bendl, President ICCC
Vita Antasari, Executive Director
Membership -
Danish Business Association
Jl. Gunung Merapi no.28
Sentul City, Bogor 16810
Tel (62-21) 87-2741, 8796-1237
email sl@dba.co.id
Jacob Fris Sorensen and Michael Lundager
Membership -

European Business Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia ( Eurocharm )
Tel (62-21) 571-0085
Fax (62-21) 571-2508
email: info@eurocharm.or.id
Mr. Jacob Friis Sorensen , Cahirman, Maersk line
Membership -110

Finnish Business Council
Embassy of Finland, Menara Rajawali , 9th Floor
Jl. Mega Kuningan , Lot 5.1, Kuningan, 12950 Jakarta
Tel (62-21) 2939-3000
Fax ( 62-21) 576-1631
email: sanomat.jak@formin.fi
website www.finland.or.id
Mr. Risto Poskiparta, President
Membership -23

Indonesia French Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( IFCCI )
Jl. Wijaya II no. 36
Tel. (62-21) 739-7161
Fax (62-21) 739-7168
email : contacts@ifcci.com
Mr. Alain Pierre Mignon
Membership -170

German Indonesia
Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( EKONID )
Jl. Hj. Agus Salim no.115
Jakarta 10310, Indonesia
(62-21)  315-4685
Fax (62-21) 315-5276
email: info@ekonid.or.id
Mr. Jan Ronfeld, Director
Membership -530

Indonesia Chamber of Commerce(INDCHAM)
InCham Secretariatc/o PT Essar Indonesia Jl. HR Rasuna SaidBlokX-5 Kav 1-2
Jakarta 12950, Indonesia
Tel. (62-21)  5794-4800
Fax (62-21)5794-4811
email secretariat@indcham.or.id
Membership -100

Indonesia India Business Assocition c/o RR Mewani  Co. 112-A, Maker Bhavan 3
POBOX 11218
New Marine Lines, Mumbai -400 020 INDIA
mOBILE +91 9820303940 or + 91 93211 03940
email i2b@vsnl.com
Mr. Theo M. D'Souza, Secretary General
Membership -

Business Assocition Indonesia ( IBAI )
c/o Pirelli Regional RepresentativeOfficeGedung BRI II, 15th Floor, Suite 1501
Jl. Jend. Sudirman no.44-46
Jakarta 10210 Indonesia
Tel. (62-21)  571-3540
Fax (62-21) 571-9013
email luigicarlo.gastel@pirelli.com
Dr. Luigi Carlo Gastel , President

Japan External Trade Organization ( JETRO)
Summitmas I, 6th Fl.
Jl. Jend.Sudirman Kav 61-62
Jakarta 12190 Indonesia
Tel.(62-21 ) 520-0264/521-3650
Fax (62-21) 520-0261
email jkjetro@jetro.go.id    www.jetro.go.jp/indonesia
Mr.kusaoke Sadonobu, President
Membership -

Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA )
Wisma GKBI, 21 st Floor , Suite 2102
Jl.Jend .Sudirman Kav.28
Jakarta 10210
Tel.(62-21 ) 574-1522,
Fax (62-21)
572-2187, 572-2204
email ; kotrajkt@kotra.or.kr    www.kotrajkt.or.kr
Mr. Kim Jae Han, Director General
Membership -

Indonesian-Nederlands Association (INA)
Indonesian-Benelux Chamber of Commerce
Menara Jamsostek, Tower A-20th floor, room 2002
Jl.Jend.Gatot Subroto no.38
Jakarta 12710
Tel.(62-21 ) 5290-2177
Fax (62-21)5290-2178
email:ina@ina.or.id   www.ina.or.id
Mr.Elmar Bouma, Director
Membership -

Indonesia Norway Business Council (INBC )
c/o Royal Norwegian embassy
Menara rajawali 25th floor
Jl.Mega Kuningan Lot 5.1
Mega Kuningan, Jakarta 12950
Tel.(62-21 ) 522-1582
Fax (62-21)5290-2968
email : eec@inbc.web.id   www.inbc.we.id
Mr.Tor Fhaern, President
Mr. Peter Vaughn, Executive Director
Membership -

Polish Business Club in Jakarta
Ariobimo Central , 4th floor
Jl.HR Rasuna Said Kav.X-2 no.5, Jakarta 12950, Indonesia
Tel.(62-21 )  5290-9163
Fax (62-21) 252-5760
email: info@polclub.biz   www.polclub.biz
Mr.andre Jakubowski, Chairman
Mr. Marek Biaglowy, Vice-Chairman
Membership -111
Singapore chamber of Commerce Indonesia
Gd.BANK Panin Senayan, 2nd floor
Jl.Jend.Sudirman Jakarta 10270
Tel.(62-21 )  571-0651
Fax (62-21)

Secretariat Office:
c/o PBTaxand
Menara Imperium, 29th floor
JL.HR Rasuna Said Kav.1, Jakarta 12980
Tel.(62-21 )  8370-6732
Fax (62-21)8370-6732
email: info@singchamindonesia.com   www.singchamindnesia.com
Mr.Arthur Ng, Chairman
Membership -

Swedish Business Association in Indonesia
c/o Embassy of Sweden
menara Rajawali, 9th floor 3, Mega Kuningan Lot 5.1
Tel.(62-21 )  
Fax (62-21)255359000, 5762690   www.sbaindo.org
Mr.Michal Olsson, Secretary
Membership -36

Taiwan Business Club
Kokan Permata Kelapa Gading
Jl. Boulevard Bukit gading raya Blok S no.25
Kelapa gading, Jakarta Utara 14240, Indonesia
Tel.(62-21 )  4586 0693
Fax (62-21) 4586 0692
email : tbcjkt@indosat.net.id
Mr.Sung, Director
Membership -

Indonesia Busines Assosiaciation Overseas

American-Indonesia Chamber of Commerce (AICC )
521  Fifth Avenue, Suite 1700 (@43rd Street )
New York, NY 10175
Tel. 1 (212 )  678-4505
Fax 1 (212) 678-5844    www.aicussa.org
Mr.Wayne Forrest, President
Membership -195

Australia Indonesia Business Council (AIBC)
PO BOX Q1050
Sidney, NSW, 1230 Australia
Tel.(62-21 )  1300 90 28 78
Fax (62-21) 02 6100 0521   www.aibc.com.au
Ms. Rebecca Mohr, National President
Membership -

Indonesia New Zealand Business Community