I 'm sexy Every body during the puberty has problem with their own appearance , the worst is if they think their self is bad look that is why has no girl/boy friend yet .
It is OK, we will pass this this moment soon or later according to self ability to deal with or to make peace with your self .

How to make peace with yourself is ?
You see in this world there is day light there is dark night , means God created you and your spouse , what ever you look like there is some body who will like you , you just need to talk to some body  maybe in a bus , library or on the park  then  to make friends , some day one of them will be your sweet heart .
You see in this world , there are many beautiful man/woman or even rich but they are divorced , what is the matter with them actually ?
Is he/she a person who has no feeling of enough or the person is less caring ? Or actually what man/woman looking for in life is ?

Then ask yourself what do you looking for in life ?
You want to be the follower of some body or you have your own expectation/criteria ?
Or do you value some body from apperance or from their action /caring /personality ?
Flower can be pale , beauty appearance can be reduced by the age but personality is strong which has taken root as application/program  in brain processor .