The perfect vulcano
sibayakMount Sibayak or Gunung Sibayak or Deleng Sibayak ( In Karonesse ) is the perfect volcano image because it has sulphur steam , sulphur stone , hot spring on the crater in a hole on the left side of the foto and beautiful nature view around Berastagi from the top .

How to get there .
Berastagi is located 70km from Medan takes about 2 hours by bus  .

From Medan

Go to the Padang Bulan Bus terminal in Medan ,  there will be plenty of different buses to catch to Berastagi like Murni, etc, they will call or passenger “ Berastagi....” . Never allow your bag to be placed on top of bus better you hold it or pay a seat for it . 

karo styleFrom lake Toba

You better catch for morning ferry to catch morning public bus in Parapat ( usually they come to market near the wharf to call for passenger or yell" Siantar ..Siantar" like Wisata Indah , etc ) to Simpang Dua ( on the way to Pematang Siantar )  then go to the right road catch public bus Sipadan  till terminal  Kaban Jahe . From Kaban Jahe you take another small pubic bus to Berastagi . ( see the map of Lake Toba ) .

Jalan Veteran is a street to Medan and Kaban Jahe also where you can find all you need : post office near the police office near hero monument , internet cafe , ATM banks , public bus terminal , market , mini market on the right way to cabbage monument , to the left side on the way to cabbage monument is where you can cacth bus to Ketambe near public bus terminal . Market is just behind the public bus terminal .

Karo bride

 Beratagi is on Elevation of 1220m , the temperature is a litle bit cool from afternoon till  morning , land is  fertil good for plantation of fruits , vegetables and flowers growing , the harvest send to Sumatera , some send to Java and export to abroad like Hongkong , Taiwan and Singapore .  Syrup  Marquisa is  well known in  Indonesia  , most Marquisa ( passion fruits )   comes from Berastagi  , iI found 4 types of Marquisa , each types has  different  leaf  and different taste  , the sweet  one is the orange and big one  .
There are 2 active volcanoes close to Berastagi. Sibayak, closest to town, 2100 meters high and easy to climb and a great place to view the sunrise. And Sinabung, 2400 meters high, quite steep and difficult to climb, only hhalf way is easy so you need a local guide to do this .

Trekking Gunung Sibayak
Guides are available around Berastagi for between rp100.000-150.000, however climbing Gunung Sibayak can be done independently . From Berastagi we rent public mini bus Rp40.000 that drop us on a village below the mountain then we meet a 2 junction we turn to left that lead to Geothermal station or stasiun PLN ( Electric tower )  just follow the road till 75% of the mountain then when you reach the empty area you turn left  up , follow up the small path you will meet the crater.  On the crater below there is a hole where the hot spring cooking very strong. Yes...Gunung Sibayak is the perfect image of a volcano to see in the world . Return also from the same path if go independently .


Or take “ KAMA “ green mini public bus to pass Losmen Sibayak Multinasional , stop for registry  entrance payment  . Registry in order for your safety because they are very concern about your life when almost getting dark they know you are not home then they will directly look for and search . Then continue your trip till the foot of the hill pay about Rp40.000 .

Always team up with other trekkers, never hike alone . Unexpected weather changes and loose shale have caused falls - and fatalities - in the past. The weather is unpredictable in Karo Highland, affected by volcanoes in the area and strong wind , can turn cool and misty with very little notice. Proper trekking shoes are definitely required if you have or comfortable shoes because the road go down is more difficult than go up, can cause injury on your edge nails.  Start early, carry additional water and food, and always hike with a friend. On the way to return you take the way to hot spring pool, it is 4km to reach to street of Berastagi, if not yet dark you can cacth public mini bus to Berastagi or ask the villager for ‘ojek’ ( rental motor biker ) for around Rp20.000. If you enjoy to walk you can see coffee, vegetables and fruits plantation along the side , the villager are friendly.

Climbing Gunung Sinabung

Although often hidden by clouds, nearby Gunung Sinabung rises to 8,038 feet and provides more of a challenge than Gunung Sibayak for serious trekker. Make sure you are fit enough and slept enough before , drink some fresh juice, if you just climbed the Sibayak  mountain yesterday I suggest you to rest 1 night more before climbing Sinabung , there was some one tried to do this track just the next day after climbed Sibayak then end up in international hospital in Medan for few days . Getting to the summit of Gunung Sinabung requires a guide and at least a 10-hour return trek.  If you return from the mountain at almost dark on the foot of mountain there are two small simple guest house just for stay 1 night because no more public mini bus to Berastagi . One guest house is a big building  below the mountain wih restorant before get to village, the other one is in the village close to foot ball field to the right then walk about 100m around Rp50.000.

Other things to do and see around Berastagi are :

traditionWanting to learn Karo dancae and traditional music ? Visit sanggar Seni Perlanja sira , Barus Jahe village , Berastagi , contact : 0813 7547 5458 0821 6521 3437 .
Hot springs are located at the base of Mount Sibayak with a variety of places offering pools for therapeutic bathing. Admission is generally Rp5000.
Right next to the centre of Berastagi is Bukit Gundaling which is a hill overlooking Berastagi, Gunung Sibayak and Gunung Sinabung. At the top of the hill are some food and coffee stalls with excellent views over the town. There are also horse riding available up and down the hill
On very early morning around 6 am you can see sunrise from this hill .

lumbhiniTaman Lumbhini just a few minutes from town by oplet ( public mini bus ) to Tebu Manis ( on the way to Medan ) around 3km from town after reach Tebu manis a walk around 1 km passing the villager plantation .

12km to South of Berastagi is Kabanjahe, from where you can walk 4km to the ancient, traditional village of Lingga where the design of the houses with their Karo trraditional house shaped remain for centuries. Five or six families (or from the Karonese perspective, one extended family) live in each house, but each has its own family stove.

40 minutes from Berastagi is the Sipiso - piso waterfall ('like a knife') on the northern edge of Lake Toba. The waterfall is 120m high and is formed by an underground river which flows out into the Toba caldera.

Taman Lumbhini , Tebu Manis , Berastagi .

Hotels :

Sunrise View Hotel from Rp 60.000 – 100.000 per night. Easy to find them , From office police at the town centre walk up about 700m . Just up the hill on the way to the top of Gundaling Hill .                                   

Sunrise View hotel

Berastagi North Sumatera , Indonesia

G.M.Panggabean Int. Hotel****
Jl. Merdeka No.9, Berastagi 22151


Hotel Danau Toba****

Jl. Gundaling No.66, Berastagi 22151


Danau Toba International Cottage****
Jl. Gundaling No.66, Berastagi 22151, Indonesia