How sacred is Batak weapons ?
Batak sacred weapons are anti detected by any X-ray, can pass all detector anywhere every where , so you can bring it on your body or anywhere wherever you are.
All the tribe weapons is sacred cos God teach all the people to protect tHeir life,children and land , so in this page I want to introduce Batak weapons
As the sacred weapons belong to a person with a ritual to God they have plegde to protect each other generation to generation forever so if other person not descendant of the weapons holder want it must hold a ritual such a permision to own it.

Do you know why in Treaty of London 1824 British transfered Sumatera to the Dutch even though they had built big forth in Bengkulu?
Marlborough Forth is the 2nd biggest British Forth in Asia .
Cos the capitalist,the colonist were fault when they though the Sumatera people is primitif and stupid, right?
They though with their modern weapons and modern forth they can defeat the Sumatera people, no because Sumatera people also has sacred weapons that danger for their power.
Doesn't mean Sumatera had no value for them , as Sumatera is way to pass to America, Sumatera also well known as Ophir since thousands years ago as the producer of epensive wood, champor,gold, coffee,tean and other herbs use to defend for body from snow season that is why till now American mining is spread out around Summatera name it Calte,Unioil, Unocal, etc , American company like BAT,  Good year, Bridgestone also base on Sumatera forestry. Remember London Sumatera forestry and plantation centred in London run by family Crossfield in Sumatera around century 20th now this company took over by government of indonesia ? Tea in Bremen Germany also exported from Sumatera, coffee in Starbucks also from Sumatera.
Does't it weird for you if British transfered Sumatera to Dutch echange with Malacca/Malaysia?

So, how to defeat such a danger people who can attack them with their sacred weapons?
Influenced them with new religion and underestimate their religion and culture or even mock them as kafir and primitif wherever they are so they will leave it.
And it plans worked ,right?
Now, the people who hold their sacred weapons doesn't know anymore how to use it to help them cos they think it is a kafir tools .

 OK, now the weapons is hold by the heir and some of them don't know how to use it any more, some of them live in unsufficient to rise children and willing to sell it , some of them is still capale to use it and make its brother so other people also can have it to help them for good purpose.

1. Piso Gajah Dompak

gaja dompakgaja dompakThis sword use to pray to God to heal te sick, to call for te rain, to stop the war ( among family or comunity or nation), to control mind so people follow what you advise or beg, and many more.

This sword also used by the Batak King Sisingamangaraja, the latest king defeated by the colonist ie 1907 , died by betraying of far member of  family .

How to know this is original? When you hold it and pray to God the gorga (the carving) will be alive .

The owner will hold ritual to transfer to you so  it is useful for you and family.

Do you interest? Price  1,5 Milyard Rupiah


2. Piso Solam Debata