d and nation
Land of God and Goddes .

I am the writer is Batak girl, original, was born from clan Raja Silahisabungan , reigned in Silalahi Nabolak , Paropo, Dairi, North Sumatera, and from my ancestor Tambun Raja I am the 19th generation in our genealogy, my grandparents live in tano golat Tambunan. Baruara, Balige, Tobasa, North Sumatera.

Tor-torsipitu sawan   .Batak land located in the highland of Northern Sumatera , the largest indigenous group in Indonesia .
Batak people divide them self according to influenced they got from out siders or the new comer who lived with them thus produce new dialect and some mixing language and tradition from its own main source also because they didn't like the main source which is too complicated for them who already live almost blended to new or modernity but doesnn't want to leave the main culture. The main source of Batak and the pure now is in Toba ( Sarulla, Pahae, Silindung, Tarutung , Humbang , Balige , Samosir till Parapat ) then called Batak Toba . They are divided them self  are Karo ( got influenced of India Tamil ) , Angkola ( got influenced of moslem Arab but still traditional ) , Mandailing ( got influenced of moslem Monjo ( moslem from Padang ) and less traditional thus the Batak Toba called them dalle ), Pak-pak ( got influence from India ) ,Simalungun ( got influenced from almost all part of those Bataks because population are meeting of all of the Batak Toba, Karo, Angkola and Mandailing ) . Tanah Deli ( around Medan ) is place of Batak who already got influence from all of nations in this world because living on the coastal of Sumatera ( Malaka ) and most are moslem , traditional in modern way , Deli/Doli means handsome .

Foto Tor-tor sipitu sawan (  7 bowls dancing from Batak land ) by permitted.
( Producer,Photgrapher and Coregrapher by Rismon Sirait,phone :08126339600 at Sanggar Budaya Lusido, Ajibata, ) visit https://free.facebook.com/rismonrajamangatursirait

Siraja BatakBatak land in the past according to the book of the Portuguese Fernando Mendez Pinto in 1539 ; 'The voyages and Adventures of Fernando Mendez Pinto' was all the archipelagos around Sumatera ,Borneo ,Sulawesi (Celebes) till Luzon ( now Filipine) . This book is kept in Cornell University , America but the American arkeologs never talked about this when they talk about Batak even the orietalist from year of 1800 till now like Jane Drakard, Wilfred H. Schoff, William Marsden, Antony Reidd, etc who like to wrote about the Bataks never talk about this or doesn't know about this ? . International media also never talk about this when they dicus about Batak ,they always talking about Batak cannnibalism,primitif, so weird,isn't it? A professor from Japan already had done a research and found no evidence about those cannibalism but why they don't google it to update their information ? Even a fast updated information media like National Geographic who talk about it and I gave them those link about Japan proffessor research they still keep not updated the information of their topic, isn't it weird? From the war/colonialism era till peace era like now why people keep discuss an old case/story/issue that already proven not true? What is their mission? In this peace moment why we keep irritate feeling of a tribe or a nation? According to Professor Midian Sirait , founder of YP Taruna , Huta Tinggi , Balige , Batak land was Batak nation before Sriwijaya naval kingdom came to attacked , also my great-great parents always talked about bangso Batak ( Batak Nation )  and in old song the singer say : " bangso Batak namartua namarsahala ' means ' Batak Nation the holy and has super natural power from God ' . Batak Nation  has had its own languange , script , number , law , calendar similar to Christian calendar , zodiac, coin money called 'Sitio Suara ' , tools ( artefacts ) , ulos Batak ( traditional woven/textile ) , stemp , traded with people from many nations from afar like Pharaoh , Marcopolo , etc , the international seaport was Barus , Sibolga .

Batak Civilization.
folded bookThe ancient folded book of Batak also found in Amerika in Maya Yucatan era around 3000-1500 BC brought by the Batak sailor to America according to book of 'Jaime Errazuriz' by Michael Coe and 'Paper Route' by Dr. Paul Tolstoy published in Natural History 6/91.
According to the genealogy Batak book  we had many kingdoms generation by generation , even far before Sriwijaya kingdom  reigned  this archipelago and some the same era with , but as I said , less evidence left  because burnt during the war . If there are , the evidences are very sacred so not for showing to public because very danger but we can show you the fotos of them . Also because during the past the archeolog who found evidence like inscriptions or temple always said it written in  Sanskrit script so they thought all of the part of archipelago was under India influence , was it because they had wrong identified or some body had changed the statues/scripts , or because the script as many evidence has lost too?

old batak book The archeolog who get close to my hope is Damais, Louis-Charles. 1962a. “tudes soumatranaises. I. La date de 

l’inscription de Hujung Langit”, BEFEO 50.2: 275–288. [Indonesian translation in Damais 1995: 27–45.] Damais, Louis-Charles. 1962b. “tudes soumatranaises. II. L’inscription de Ulu Bәlu (Soumatra mridional)”, BEFEO 50.2: 289–310. Louis-Charles Damais said in the trans sumatera trade and batak etniciztion :’ The inscription of Hujung Langit in Lampung, still unpublished, was initially considered to have been written in Old Javanese, but Louis-Charles Damais later showed (1962a) that it is written in Old Malay. One or two short inscriptions from Padang Lawas, in North Sumatra, have been misidentified as being in Old Javanese. On this misidentiication,see Grifiths Forthcoming b.

Many experts ( archeolog , etnologist, orientalist writer ) already researched about Batak land but no one of them is completely meet our Habatahon ( culture, belief, law, governance, calendar, zodiac, farming, tradition, cosmology, languange and script ) as Antony Reidd , archeolog from Australia  said 'Batak history is mistery' , the other orientalist said Batak religion is Hindu just because there are few language similar with Sanskrit then if similar so they have right to say our ancestor religion was Hindu and from Hindustan? Who imitated and who being imitated ?
Maybe the peple in India who imitated our language due to Barus was a big international seaport where many traders came to buy kapur Barus ( champor), benzoin, spices, gold, coffee, etc.
Well, yes there are temples supposed to be Hindu and Buddha around Padang Lawas, Mandailing  ( candi Portibi ) but doesn't mean our ancestor were Hindu or Budha too, only shown how democratic and hospitality our ancestor to other religion but my ancestor said it is built by Batak man candi Portibi means world temple, but as I told before no original evidence more left there, it has been being changed .
According to Prof. JW Sijabat in Barus also found a Nestorian church circa century 5th-6th.

The most tickling is like archeolog Arlo Griffith from Nederland and others when they came to research about Batak why they brought the archeolog from Java who never lived in Sumatera or even Batak land ?  Why not a Batak man? How they know about Batak if they are not Batak, never live in Batak land? Then they published book about Batak without asking opinion as the source of book .Why they don't ask if there is some body or archeolog/expert or the oldest people from Batak land who knows about Batak land and Habatahon? Who knows the Batak most , the Bataks or other people? That is why they don't find complete information and a few story is not true and hurt our feeling as Batak people . Most of their sources are taken from period of the colonization which were written for political purposes of the colonist .
Why not  easy to find literatures/script/artefact about Batak ? After great ruin from Paderi war then after new religions influencing during the Dutch colonization ( century 20th in order to gain the followers to new religion Christianity  in Batak land there was rumor that our religion : Batak religion was worshiping idol ('Sipele Begu') ,  all the manuscript and artefact claim as idol an kafir then must be burnt.
They forced the Batak people to convert to Christian, I said forced because if religion not muslim or Christian means no job till now and no ritual ceremony which is held with traditional woven,music and dancing even till many years after independent day , now the youth campaign to bring back traditional music and dancing to church and other formal occasion .
Some peple who keep strong Batak belief keep manuscripts and sacerd weapons.of Batak secretly so till now they keep the manuscripts and learn it by parents to son secretly only for family because Batak people keep strong relationship with spirit of ancestor to gain sahala and tondi blessing and also because we afraid some body who knows about it will steal and burn it, they show us the manuscripts and artefact only by foto.
But if they believe we are the real friend they will show us the manuscripts and sacred weapons , some manuscript and sacred weapons are unite with their body
So, we are look alike a nation without history because less evidence .

Batak calendar and astrology.
If Batak person doesn't know how to see Batak calendar and astrology usually they ask the Datu if they plan to do something or to arrange something, if they want to hold party , . According to DR. Sudung Parlindungan Lumbantobing researched almost through all tribes of Batak that the date usually determined by the parents of bride or  'the hasuhuton' ( host/who run the party ).  The system is like this:

                    Months are :
            SipahaSada =April
            Sipaha dua= Mei
            Sipaha Tolu=Juni
            Sipaha Opat=Juli
            Sipaha Lima=Agustus
            Sipaha Onom=September
            Sipaha Pitu-=Oktober
            Sipaha Ualu=November
            Sipaha Sia=Desember
            Sipaha Sampulu=Januari

        To see calendar whenever we plan to do something is called 'maniti ari'  like to start growing             ,         plants to build a house, to open a new village and if plan to do a private fiest, to travel,etc then  must         see your birth date and day:
        Explanation :
      1.  For example on Sunday there is sign of head and tweezers of scorpion, means big lost, even only               the tail and belly, and if there is sign of big full zero, avoid to do marriage party .
      2. sign of xo is good for doing financial business, like to receive or to lend money .
      3. sign of H or 1 means 'Simonggalonggal' , avoid to enter new house or filled by the new dweller .
      4. sign of x means of fishing, good for ritual of blessing some body with fish 'mangupaupa' , sign of two       5. oo means of fruit 'ari parbue', good for starting to grow .
      6 .sign of standing hook with 2 pointed and overturned V means avoid to do regular duty,
           cos supposed to bring lost.
      7. sign of overturned scorpion : and the head of scorpion is horizontal 'hala sungsang' means not good .
      8. sign of scorpion to the north means sun set, 'partilaha' , the death day, sign of voice                                    trembling/vibtration is also avoided means many contraoposisition, oppose, unfair.
      9. sign of small o is called ari na ualu or the eighth day, if hold party this day a wife will die, or a
           husband will die . 
     10. Sign of XI is called 'Ari Pangueuge' means not so good day for party but good for hunting
            like hunting pig .                                                                                                                        
black box means neutral day, means depend on good or bad the willing of man .Source : Edberd Sihombing Lumban Toruan

batak month    Starting year is called sada between March and April, end of year is called hurung between February and     March , every month is 30 or 28 days . First day is Artia and the last day is ringkar (cirle) , every seven         day there isrecurrencing of Artia. First day of antiani water the eighth day , tula day of the fiftienth and              antian ni anggara the twentieth day. So the Samisara the seventh, Samisara purnama, the fourtienth,                 Samisara Mora down, the twenty first day, Samisara no moon the twenty eighth day, so the conclusion         that  every seven day month , there is changing in rotation. Day of Batak is depending on moon                     rotation.Adjusting of of month and the first place of  astronomy so there is additional day namely hari             hurung the twenty nineth day day and Ringkar the thirtieth day of BatakToba to know about time .

    According to  rotation of  sun, Batak people knows how to say a day or night is between the sun shine and     sun set are called arian or siang. Between the sun set and sun shine is called night or borngin.

Batak time are :

1. Binsar mata ni ari : around 6 am
2. Pangului : around 7 am
3. Turba : around 8 am
4. Pangguit raja : around 9 am
5. Sagang ari : around 10 am
6. Huma na hos : 11 am
7. Hos atau tonga ari : 12  pm, man can not be out side on this time .
8. Guling : 1 pm
9. Guling dao : 2 pm
10. Tolu gala : 3 pm
11. Dua sagala : 4 pm
12. Sagala : 5 pm
13. Sundut atau mate mataniari : 6 pm
14. Samon : 7 pm
15. Hatiha mangan : 8 pm
16. Tungkap hudon : 9 pm
17. Sampe modom : 10 pm
18. Sampe modom na bagas : 11 pm
19. Tonga borngin : 12 pm
20. Haroro ni panangko : 1 am
21. Tahuak manuk sahali : 2 am
22. Tahuak manuk dua hali : 3 am
23. Buhabuha ijuk : 4 am
24. Andos torang atau torang ari : 5 am


3*NITUNA (aries) 
4*HARA HATA (cancer) 
5*SINGA (leo) 

Batak script

How Batak man found script ?

Our Holy scriptures also sent by God through His Trinity ( Debata Natolu ) to the very batak man who also wrote about Batak genealogy : si Raja Batak : two rolling of Pustaha Surat Batak written on skin of wood ( lak-lak) ie. : "Pustaha Surat Agong" , this is given to his son Tatea Bulan which was consist of hadatuon ( medicating : to healing the sick, uterology, to find the lost and to chase away evil spirit, to call the rain, calendar, zodiac and prophecy ) , habeguon ( ability to see the invisible creatures or other creatures from another world like ghost, angel, etc) , parmonsahon ( art of Defence which contains of 999 methods ) and pangaliluhon ( ability to be dissapeared and fly ) . The second rolling of book is " Pustaha Surat Tumbaga Holing", this is given to his son Raja Isumbaon which is consist of harajaon ( governance), paruhumon ( law and rules ), parhumaon ( farming and gardening ), parboniagaon ( marketing and finance ) and paningaon ( construction and technology ) and to the third son he gave "Parhobolon ( ability to transform of body shape), Habaranion and Habeguon( ability to see the spirits and to comunicate with )" . ( 'Ruhut-ruhut Ni Adat' HB Situmorang, WM Hutagalung 1991;1 page1 and 33 )

So, they were persons who has super ability power from God but still could live in holyness and simply because asking to God for permission for doing anuthing so not to be boast ,not pond of money by using their super ability when asked to help people and not using it to harm people , this is the first why people called them Batak  because they are descendant of si Raja Batak and also because they keep their filosofy of Habatahon in daily life : holy and simple .

Thus only datu ( person who has ability to medicating , has super natural power from God to find the lost, to expel the evil spirit, prophecy,  calendar, zodiac , season but only for good purpose) and like those 3 persons above who knows about ancient Batak script because afraid those 2 holy books used for harming people so they didn't tell every body how to use its, only to the person who has the same philosopy .
How the people now can read those two holy  books?
Through the Datu , common people can read its too by doing ritual ceremony first to God and pray to ask ability to read the books and swear to use its for goodness if not you will be cursed.
Batak people only use ancient Batak script for good purpose and from pure heart
There is another script for daily using we called it surat Batak sehari-hari 'common Batak script', it was also script famous during that time and used among the traders in all over the archipelago around Indonesia now which is now is learnt in school and the application published  in internet by Dell Unniversity , Balige , North Sumatera .
That is the script found by Uli Kozok, German arkeolog  in European museums in  during the colonialism of Dutch from century 19th-20th because in war time 'hatred and angry time'. Uli Kozok then learnt it and create application of Batak script and language in internet but we have also ancient Batak script and language .
Only a few different between script of Batak Angkola-Sipirok-Padang Lawas-Toba-Dairi-Simalungun and Karo, only in way how to put anak nisurat to inani surat. Then how God taught the other people to knows this script ? Through praying to God and led by the datu .

Batak cannibalism.

Batak people well known as exclusive people, so far not many outsider knows about Batak ( Habatahon : belief, zodiac, calendar , script, language, tradition, culture , farming, governance, filosophy ) till this modern period.
To keep this exclusiveness Batak people also created rumor among themself as cannibalism. Many expert already admitted this rumor as protection like : LEONARD Y. ANDAYA The Trans-Sumatra Trade and the Ethnicization of the 'Batak', 2002 pg.1 and  http://www.fom.sg/Passage/2013/05batak.pdf Padang Lawas that was why the Batak land was the last to occupied by the colonist : 1907 after the spiritual leader and leader of Batak land Sisingamangaraja died.
But if there is intermarriage with other country like from India, Java then the foreigner will be adopted as Batak people in ceremony called 'mangain' .

Ompung Sisingamangaraja.
Batak hero, avatar, Indonesia National hero,

Batak aim is hagabeon, hasangapon , hamoraon.
Hagabeon means marriage, having children and place to live.
Hasangapon means we live as a good person so people give respect to us.
Hamoraon means to be rich.

One day br Pasaribu when to a sacred place called Tombak Sulu-sulu around Balige to pray to God to ask for child then she bath on a spring then there was a voice said that It was God Batara Guru who will give her a son' . Br. Pasaribu already left by her husband because already in long term of marriage to have no child, her husband then remarry with other woman . Finally then God said she will have a baby , God appearanced was as Batara Guru . God fulfilled His word.

The baby then named Raja Manghuntal because from the childhood he already made people astonished . Off course people will be surprised to hear br. Pasaribu to have a baby while husband already live with his new wife a far. when the member of Br. Pasaribu husband deny him as a member of family Raja Manghuntal cried then all of the plants turning up the roots, off course then the member of family of his father then took him as family for the miracle had happened around him.

After grown up he became a leader of army of Raja Hatorusan , Barus they went to fight Portuguess to Singkil and won the war. When he rod on his horse on the way there was no water then he pray to God to ask for water, he then stroke his rod on a stone then the water spring so they can drink.
The spring stil exist till now called Aek Sipaulak Hosa, all over the Batak land he helped people in solving their problem .
His aunty the asked gift from him after went home, he gave her a European gun, her aunty the said 'gun has opponent gun, why don't you give me an elephant?'
This request brought him to search for Raja Uti in Barus, Batak seaport who had known to have elephant armada and a Batak king also believed to be a holy person, a hand of God, a prophet, a religious leader of  Batak.
Raja Uti then surprised when this young man could reach and found him, as his palace guarded with seven layer magic troops ; 1st layer guarded by venomous insects, the second layer gurded by venomous animal like snake, centipede,scorpions  2nd layer guarded by bear, tiger,elephant, etc and around the rivers both guarded by the white crocodiles.
  Then Raja Uti gave him the white elephant he wants and the sacred knife cos he can open it cover and inaugurate him asa a new king of  Batak.

During  his life he help many people,  he redeem a person from debt then live under slavery till he had no money and borrow money from his aunty then fought with her.

Ompung SisingamangarajaThe painting that people most afraid of .

He is hero of Batak land, while other place,island already under occupied by the colonist for over 350 years he stand firm to protect his people from colonialism till 1907 , he died .Now he became national hero after batak land unite with Indonesia
info : ronauli17@gmail.com


Dark History of Batak land .
Paderi war ( 1804-1837) base in Minang Kabau land ( West Sumatera map now ) , start from polemic of Tuanku Koto Tuo, the leader of moslem who keep strong tradition in Koto Tuo with Tuanku nan Renceh in fighting gambling, chicken fight competition, alcoholic drink, etc . Tuanku nan Renceh. too radical and yet having support from the tree haji's who just return from Meccah and brought new puritan Islam mashab ie: Haji Miskin from Pandai Sikek ,  Haji Sumanik from Delapan Kota, dan Haji Piobang from Lima Puluh Kota , then they pull leaders of comunity to form “Harimau nan Salapan” (The 8 Tigers ) , off course Tuanku Koto Tuo would not like to follow their party but his son Tuanku Mensiangan became their leader. The people in Miang Kabau then call them Kaum Paderi , Kaum Adat.is the comunity who kept strong tradition .

Tuanku Pasaman or Tuanku Lintau from Paderi wanted to discuss with Kaum Adat in Kota Tengah, also invite Raja Minangkabau Tuanku Raja Muning Alamsyah from Pagaruyung palace but then discussion turn to war because the palace refused puritan ( Hambali/Wahaby) doctrin they burnt the palace,  Raja Muning Alamsyah escaped to Kuantan, Lubuk Jambi, his daughter Puan Gadis escaped to Padang Sidimpuan and tell this story to Willem Iskander , a scholar in literature . On 1818, Raja Muning delegated Tuanku Tangsir Alam and Sutan Kerajaan Alam to ask for help to General of English South east Asia Thomas Stamford Raffles in Padang but refused to intervense after Raffles delegation researched the situation to inland , they found that the palace Pagaruyung already ruin even Gouvernour General Lord Minto in Calcutta also refused and command them to leave Sumatera after conference with Dutch :  “Tractat London” , English hand over Sumatera to Dutch .
10 Februari 1821, Tuanku Suruaso pull 14 leader of  each villagers from Kaum Adat toask for help to Dutch leader :
Residen Du Puy . Du Puy attack Kaum Paderi since then war Kaum Paderi war with Dutch , no longer with Kaum adat .

Yes, this is war of Minang Kabau people with Dutch then why this war enter Batak land ? Because on the other side is one of the military chief was a Batak man who niece of Batak land leader Sisingamangaraja IX: Tuanku Rao, he had great avenged to his uncle religion : Batak religion while Minang Kabau people wanted to have new land because their land already occupied by the Dutch and to spread new doctrin of Moslem : Hambali/Wahaby.

Fact from Sisingamangaraja IX clan about Tuanku Rao.
Tuanku Rao parents are Gana Sinambela  which is niece to Gindoporang Sinambela sibling of  Sisingamangaraja IX means according to Batak tradition this is incest and Gana also broke the law for having baby before marriage so they must be exiled , thus they moved to Aceh  .
In Aceh Gindoporang Sinambela became Aceh soldier and moslem then change his name to Arab name : Muhammad Zainal Amiruddin then he married Barus leader daughter so Gana Sinambela return to her family in Bakara when Sisingamangaraja IX already died .
Sisingamangaraja X gave full love and attention to Pongky,10 years old, and forgave her mother sin so she can live in Batak land again and received in family house,  as a batak man , must have marga ( patrilineal genealogy ) behind name so he asked his brother in law Jongga Simorangkir to adopt him as son so Pongky has marga Simorangkir behind his name .
Came the datu Amang Tagor Manullang  with the vision said that in the future the boy will kill Sisingamangaraja X and bring great ruin for Batak land so he must be killed .

Sisingamangaraja X as a leader then arranged a pretend execution to save his niece with drawning him to the lake.
When Pongky was executed Sisingamangaraja X command secretly to tied  with a bunch of wood and stones in order he can float on the water then when giving a hug for the last time hidden by her mother body who knee next to him hug Pongky he loosen the rope that tied Pongky with his super natural knife'Gaja Dompak ' in order Pongky can escaped then he tied a bunch of coin money under his shirt for live, the kayak man drawning him to the lake, off course he was floating then swept to beach near Asahan river. He saved by Lintong Marpaung near Narumonda. As an executed man to die he then must move from a place to another place in order not to recognised by the people after grown up around 20 years old he went to the South of Batak land : Angkola ,  Sipirok where some Batak people were Moslem then to Padang Matinggi near Padangsidimpuan , from Padang Matinggi then he move to Rao ( South of Minang Kabau land ) . That was why he hate his family religion : Batak  religion, in Rao he became a horse keeper of Datuk Bandaharo Ganggo .

As the leader of moslem in Minang Kabau Tuanku nan Renceh heard about Pongky is a Batak man and still clan of one of the Batak ruler and has super natural ability from God then he ask Datuk Bandaharo Ganggo to send Pongky as his student , they name him Umar Katab from a military warrior moslem name Umar Chattab but written Katab from Batak reversed )  then they send him to Syria, Meccah and Turky , he also learnt cavalry Janitsar Turky because they want to use him as leader of their priest in Batak land with their Hambali doctrin .
Back from Meccah they named him Umar Katab as Tuanku Rao because he was a new spiritual and military chief from Rao. ( Tuanku title is given to some body who expert in moslem religion and military ) .

Paderi then attacked Batak land with start to ruin Muara Sipongi fence in Mandailing ,1819, that was Batak people who followed their war and doctrin called moslem Monjo, because one of their leader name in Padang was Tuanku Imam Bonjol. They then attacked Muara near Bakkara but the leader of Muara Jatengger Siregar who avenged to Sisingamangaraja X clan because his grand-grand parents Porhas Siregar who was a brutal pirate leader around lake Toba before killed by Sisingamangaraja I and their ancestor family ought to live in exile till Sipirok and Mandailing .
Jatengger used this moment to killed Sisingamangaraja X.
Jatengger then join Paderi with title Tuanku Ali Sakti. According to Basyral Hamidy Harahap who wrote book " Greget Tuanku Rao" the Paderi war in Batak land as holocaust, all housings were burnt ( so most of manuscripts and artefact were burnt too ) , girls were raped , kinnaped then sell in slavery
Most of the chief commanders of Paderi were from Batak Mandailing who already became Moslem Monjo like Tuanku Tambusai ( marga Harahap ), Tuanku Srik Marapian ( Nasution ), Tuaku Mandailing ( Lubis ) , Tuanku Asahan ( Mansur  Marpaung) , Tuanku Kota Pinang ( Alamsyah Dasopang ), Tuanku Daulat (  Harahap) Tuanku Patuan Soripada ( Siregar ), Tuanku Ali sakti ( Jatengger Siregar ) , Tuanku Saman ( Hutagalung) , Tuanku Junjungan ( Tahir Daulay) dan Tuanku Marajo ( Harahap), dll.
Even though Paderi won the war but they also lost many, first they came with 150.000 troops then left only 30.000 because killed by the killed , killed by the virus of the deceased body all around the Batak land that time as for me killed because they betrayed their own brotherhood as same tribe who has no sin to them also maybe because before his uncle died he wrote Tuanku Rao to save the children below 7 years old .
Tuanku Rao then pull back his troop to Rao refused his leader command Tuanku Imam Bonjol, 1820 .
This action then soon followed by other military chiefs like Tuanku Mandailing, Tuanku Asahan, Tuanku Kota Pinang, Tuanku Daulat, Tuanku Ali Sakti ( only 3 days having his title ) and Tuanku Junjungan as they found that Tuanku Imam Bonjol oppress them so they threw their title. Mansur Marpaung then found kingdom of Asahan crown himself as a Sultan, Alamsyah Dasopang found kingdom Kotapinang and crown himself as Sultan,
Tuanku Rao died in Air bangis battle againts Dutch on 5 Sepetember 1821 in horrifying way, Tuanku Lelo ( Idris Nasution ) cutted by his concubine
Halimah Rangkuti who was one of his hostage.

After Bonjol fortress in Padang fell to Dutch 17 Agustus 1837 ( Teitler 2004), Tuanku Imam Bonjol and Tuanku Tambusai escaped to Rokan Hulu  ( Riau) with centre Dalu-dalu fortress.
Later, in 2008 arosen controversy about title national hero of Tuanku Tambusai, Tuanku Rao and Tuanku Imam Bonjol after descendant of Datu Bange
Basyral Hamidi Harahap wrote his book' Greget Tuanku Rao' ( page 57-76) said that Paderi troops and the followers killed many people when expand their doctrin Wahabi in Rokan and Mandailing.
Datu Bange was one of the the leader in Mandailing who againts Tuanku Tambusai, he is from Simanabun.
BHH said tree of them : Tuanku Rao, Tuanku Tambusai and Tuanku Imam Bonjol ( TIB) were coward because TIB arranged his surrender to Dutch ( according to Naskah Tuanku Imam Bonjol  ( Sjafnir Aboe Nain,2004 ). Tuanku Tambusai run away to Malaysia left all his followers and troops because afraid of Dutch chasing.

Kita bertanya di manakah jiwa kepahlawanan seorang yang telah banyak membunuh, menculik kaum perempuan untuk dijual sebagai budak atau dijadikan gundik di kalangan bangsa sendiri? [...] Apakah seorang yang [...] tidak [mampu] mempertahankan tanah tumpah darah sampai titik darah penghabisan [...] dan menginjak-injak harkat dan martabat bangsa sendiri pantas menjadi pahlawan? [...] Seorang patriot sejati, sekalipun terpojok pastilah tetap berjuang mempertahankan bumi persada sampai titik darah penghabisan“, GTR (page.106).

'Where is the heroic of some body who already killed thousands people
from his own clan, raped, kinnaped for sell in slavery  in war ?(...) Is hero title worth for a person who could not defense his own land to die (...)  and insult his own  land dignity and identity ? (...) A patriot, even being beleaguered by enemy will struggle to die' ( GTR, page 106)

-From book of Mangaradja Onggang Parlindungan Siregar, “Pongkinangolngolan Sinambela gelar Tuanku Rao, Terror Agama Islam Mazhab Hambali di Tanah Batak”, Penerbit Tanjung Pengharapan, Jakarta, 1964.

Tuanku Lelo/Idris Nasution is the great-great parents of  Mangaraja Onggang Parlindungan from his mama ( page. 358). From his papa Sutan Martua Raja Siregar, a History teacher, he found many source of history of Batak war againts the Paderi , from his grand parents private Agenda book and diary also from research of Willem Iskandar, Guru Batak, Sutan Martua Raja and Poortman.

He wrote this book so his children learn from the past and not to happen again then  ex Mayjen TNI  T.Bonar Simatupang asked him to publish this book because this is a truth so history must changed then he asked many additional information from TB Simatupang ( a general major ), Ali Budiarjo, SH ( a lawyer ) and dr. Wiliater Hutagalung into the book .


-From book of Basyral Hamidi Harahap ' Greget Tuanku Rao' ( Jakarta: Komunitas Bambu, September 2007 )

Batak Belief and Batak religion

God eyes                 Batak belief  call God as Ompu Mula Jadi Nabolon ( OMJN ) from etimology :            Ompu (                         highest  hierachy , calling for the clever and goodness,the old person who  worth  called                              Ompu) , Mula means Begin or the first, Jadi means create , Nabolon means  biggest the big,
                the  first and the holy so meaning is  he Big and  The First who create all .
                Etimology of Batak is derived from the first ruler of Batak name : 'Si raja Batak' , Batak                                 means holy and Habatahon doctrins are derived from Putaha Surat Agong and Pusataha                                 Tumbaga Holing  that  he  ceived from God while praying so including belief,                                                 tradition, script, tradition, phylosphy,  medicating, law, language, culture, farming, governance,                         housing, weaving, military/art defense, calendar and zodiac, must be done/learnt in holy,
                in broterhood otherwise people will consider you as 'dalle or malai.
                Foto : God eyes . 

God bloods on earth world according to the rotating of day and night ;
  1. God black blood : in the night when there is moon and stars
  2. God purple blood : before the sun rise in the morning , the purple will shine
  3. God red blood : When you go up the hill at 4 a.m. you can see this
  4. God yellow blood : The red sun then step by step change to yellow to separate night from the midday
  5. God white blood : in the midday you can see the mist
  6. God blue blood : after the sun shine brightly , the sky is blue
  7. God green blood : on the grass
  8. God gray blood : on the gray mist , signing of the rain
  9. God brown blood : on the soil.
God says :' If you can unite your blood with My blood , everything you want will be given, but be careful to use its or you will be fallen in sin .
God ( Ompu Mula Jadi Nabolon ( OMJN ) dwell and reign on the highest sky and Debata Asiasi is  Holy Spirit , where God is there is Debata Asiasi, Debata Asiasi is God presence and resembling to create all , Debata Asiasi described as a holy bird with 3 forms : Manuk Patiaraja , Manuk Hulambujati , Manuk   Simandoang .

Debata Asiasi shape is a holy bird with iron beak , nail like using sparkling bracelet, body like very big butterfly with eggs as big as a big 'hudon', the face like Rumariri star , as the first creation of God, God said that His fate is only to take words from man . Blessing man so they keep playing 'gondang' ( traditional Batak concert ) , if He wish 'Gondang Debata Batara Guru' , so He must dress with black, if He wish for 'Gondang Debata Sori' so He must dress with white, if He wish 'Gondang Debata Bulan 'so He must dress with red . Man always need Debata Asiasi in every time. When there is man with bowed body , blind, deaf, has only one leg or hand, so they are the men who insult Him, then when there is the only one child in sorrow, family with many children , they are the men who thank and always call Him, because man is His descend from.
God created a holy tree on the sky  behind God throne , the holy tree has 26 roots on the banua tonga on Batu Nanggar Jati , the branches are 8, follow the 8 wind directions , has 30 twigs and 12 fruits follow the month rotation.

Batak wind directions      Branches directions are :
     leading to the East is as gold
     leading to the Southeast as bronze
     leading to the South is as silver
    leading to the Southwest is  as stone
    leading to the West is as tin
    leading to theNorthwest is as copper
    leading to theNorth is as Iron
    leadingis  to theNorth east is as wood

    Fate of man is written on the holy tree :
    Fate as a big king who has nothing less is written to the East.

Foto Batak wind directions 'desa naualu'

     Fate as a king is written to Southeast
    Fate as a  very richman  is written to Southwest
    Fate as rich man is written to Southeast is written to Southeast
    Fate as a shaman is written to West
    Fate as  having harmony in family to die is written to Northwest   

    Fate as having many husbands or many wives is written to North.
    Fate as a poor is written to East
    Fate as staff  is written to Northwest
    Fate as having long lasting age is written to root
    Fate as a man having short age is written to branch
    Fate as just having a child then die is written to trunk
    Fate as die in young is written to twig
    Fate as die in teenager age is written to peak
    Fate as die the way to teenager is written to Southeast is written to leaf
    Fate die in childhood is written to the old leaf
    Fate as die on the way to learn walking is written to the twig of leaf
    Fate as die on the way to learn stepping  is written to Southeast is written to the old leaf
    Fate as die on the way to learn standing is written to leaf almost fallen
    Fate as die after able to speak is written to rotten leaf
    Fate as die as foetus  is written to fallen leaf

     Fate as man haunted by the spirit is written to the branch which has doubled branch
    Fate as a shaman woman is written to old twig
    Fate as a super natural person ability is written to good fruit
    Fate as a stupid and scared person is written to bad fruit
    Fate as a thieft is written to almost fallen fruit

    Those are fate of man , actually when man has born doesn't know what will happen to him.
  Source : taken from the datu' s son who can read ancient Batak book :

tondi Batak    Batak belief about spirit :
    God create man with tondi, tondi has 17 spirits , this tondi can leave body when there is no equality in life,     in the past thus ritual ceremony must be held by the shaman to heal this man , if  body filled  with this 17
    spirits he can be a super natural person almost like the creature in sky world .
    Tondi never die even the owner of the body is die, Tondi will receive the place accordingly after the owner     of tondi is die : in heaven , the first sky where the goddest is or hell according to what was the owner of         tondi during alive : good or not and acording to faith to God .
    Tondi can come back to bless the descendant when asked by ritual ceremony or just private praying that is     why Batak people really respect to his ancestor spirit .

    Sombaon is a place where a died person who has super natural abilty from God buried , usually on the hill     belong to a marga ( clan ) or on the spring where people take water for daily use ( this place called                 homban     ) so this place becomes sacred and must be cleaned and treated respectfully when being
    around   there .
    When a super natural ability person died all the people is happy then play traditional music to dance to say     thank to God because in their clan already found some body who lived holy, simple with super natural             ability from God and already has wife, children or grand child.
    Some time the ceremony lasting till many days wait till all the children of the death already arrive from far         place to bury the death.
    To find sacred place for 'sombaon' the eldesst of the clan or datu ( usually from the clan if there is but if no         datu among the clan , they can call the datu from other clan ) pray to God . For this ceremony must be             prepared lampet, itak gurgur , egg and betel leaf . Place the betel leaves on a plate then the egg and itak         gurgur . The eldest put it on head then pray to God and goddes of sky and earth, aFter this praying , itak gurgur spread out all over the spring or hill then together eat the lampet .
Foto by Maridup H .

    Symbolizing of egg is descendant , betel leaf for growing and prosperity in life.
    Some time the descent of the death come here to ask for protection from the evil spirit , also when     there is disaster happen to the village, they hold  ritual ceremony complete with traditional music  and dance, the datu and the food for offering eating together .
    offering usually betel leaf, egg and itak gur-gur additional is favorit food of the sombaon .
    While praying the datu will be descend upon of a spirit , to determine whose spirit is coming the descent will ask specify question like what is the name of the sacred tool he had from God during     his/her live, etc. 

    Emergence of the spirit of our ancestor  to the descent , usually happen when the descent in sorrow so this emergence can be strengthened or in bad behavior to remind the descent to repent .

Sahala means the super natural ability from God that you have from bornbrought or descend from ancestor in the same descent that is only using for good purpose if not the sahala can left . From our ancestor we can ask his sahala during his life . There is ritual ceremony for this must be done descent to descent to identify the original sahala . Sahala from ancestor can descent to descendant by bornbrought or 'hasandaran' ; transfrer to thegrand child.

Begu .
Begu is the creatures from other world : from under earth world or sky world , has power and willing , sometime can enter middle earth and caught by man'datu' and control it for good or bad purpose .
Some of Batak ancestor married creature from sky or under world world that is why some of the Batak man is datu from bornbrought.

Some name of begu :

  1. Begu Harangan, a spirit that appear because of scared from the mind of a person who pass the creepy jungle
  2. Begu Antuk, people say ( cos I never seen it ) a spirit who spread diseases of pestilence and cholera .
  3. Begu Ganjang, people say ( cos I never seen it ) a cultivated spirit which if seen can be high and high then the person who saw it will die strangled .
  4. Sibiangsa
  5. Pangulubalang
  6. Silan
  7. Solobean
  8. Sigumoang
  9. Polosit, maybe same with Palasik in Minangkabau who  suck the blood of baby till the baby jaundice to die .
Batak cosmology :
Batak cosmology belief that universe is divided in 3 worlds : banua ginjang ( upper world , sky ) , banua tonga ( middle world : earth ) and banua toru ( under earth world ).
a. Sky World

     God lay the holy bird on the branch of holy tree, the first form of holy bird Manuk Patiaraja delivering 3 eggs then became
    3 controllers of 3 worlds : that is called Debata Natolu or Batak Trinity as tree parts of God power :
    1.  Tuan Batara Guru ( controller on the sky , has 7 gondangs,  function to give a wise answer , wisdom for the kingdom, fair scale to all creatures ' tu ginjang so ra mungkit to toru so ra monggal' ), symbolized with black .
    2. Ompu Tuan Soripada ( controller on the earth ,he ride iron horse , has sword with 2 blades , a spear with two blades, function  as giver of supernatural power for man ) , symbolized with  white
    3. Ompu Tuan Mangala Bulan or Naga Padoha  ( controller on under world to give examiation to those who live on earth                                                         world together with other spirits),  symbolized with red also as God power to handle earth pole , if man no respect to earth then the earth will shaking, so in the past before no Christian religion in Batak land there was ritual every year for Ompu Tuan Mangala Bulan or Naga Padoha to respect earth .

This Trinity Batak also then becomes Batak filosofy in every occasion of  life : Dalihan Natolu ( the tree of furnaces ) to make equality in making decision : somba marhula-hula ( respect to family of husband ) , elek marboru ( give in to the family of your son in law) , manat mardongan tubu ( be careful , not to separated from  the same clan ),  so as in  the company: boss as hulahula, boru as  customer, dongan tubu or dongan sabutuha as staff .

 The second form of holy bird Manuk Hulambujati delivering 3 goddes after brooded 3 segments of bamboo for a year : Siboru Parmeme, Siboru Parorot, Siboru Panuturi then became the wives of Debata Natolu  .
The third holy bird Manuk Simandoang is delivering spirit of life to the new born baby ( Debata Asiasi ).
Debata Asi-asi said : “You will feel painful and difilculty to deliver your baby, but I will be there to strengthening you" .

Ompu Tuan Batara Guru married with Siboru Parmeme and having 9 children :
1. Tuan Sori Mahumat
2. Datu Tantan Debata Guru Mulia
3. Siboru Sorbajati twin with Siboru Deang Parujar ( Siboru Dea Siboru Deak Parujar )
4. Siboru Deang Parujar ( Siboru Dea Siboru Deak Parujar )
5. Siboru Saniang Naga, the goddes of water .
6. Siboru Tapi Gaga
7. Siboru Malim
8. Siboru Sanduduk
9. Siboru Leang Nagurasta

Ompu Tuan Soripada married with Siboru Parorot , having children :
1. Tuan Sorimangaraja
2. Tuan Dihurmajati or raja Endaenda or Raja Indapati or Raja or Tuan Ruma Uhir Tuan Ruma Gorga has ugly face and shape
    like lizard.
3. Siboru Nan Bauraja
4. Siboru Surungan

Ompu Tuan Mangala Bulan married with Siboru Panuturi  having children :
1. Tuan Dipampat Tinggi Sabulan
2. Siboru Narudung Begu ( Siboru Rundung Bulan ) 

Batara Guru in Batak mitology has no similarity or connection with Hindu like Uli Kozok ( archeolog from German ) said , maybe just the same name .
Batara Guru has black symbol and holy book which is now still used by followers of  Batak religion for ritual ceremony , here by some  copy of his holy book :
" Hi, you are Batara Guru, you are a place when people has question to answer , fair judgement, explanation, prophecy from upper sky from Bukit Siunggas to Bukit Parsambilan, from the seventh layers of mist, from the seventh sky, from the valley of Sitandiang to the third Pahu , from jungle of Pungu to the sacred jungle from cave Sibada-Bada, from the tree of  Simanualang, from the edge of branch , from the edge of the earth , from stone Garagajulu , where you purified , from the overturned rattan , from bamboo pricky tikar , from the quarter junctions, from the overturned rattan to the the star which branch out to Batu Sigiling-giling, from the tree of  Junjung Buhit, from tree of  Hariara that grows on the sky that is your way from  the sky world to earth world . When you go down and up to deliver man needing , then do it from  Batu Siukkap-Ukkapon to the stone which has flat ivory to stepped . That is your way to take and give to man, because you are the one who has talungkup, has big boat who tied with rolling fabric , has black crow, has Nanggarjati.  On the hill of  park of bagot, under the park of demban, when one day a man comes to you , you must give them alive because you are the one who can open hearing, who knows which word is true or not,, and also to open earings of man, who wear on black shirt and ride black horse . "

b. Middle world, earth world( Banua Tonga )
What is on earth world resembling what is on the sky world ( banua ginjang ) and under earth world.  The messenger of God is Leangleang Mandi Untung-untung Nabolon as a messenger of praying to Goddes and God Ompu Mula Jadi Nabolon . Man live on earth world , only short time they can live in other world and only the datu bolon can do that .

Batak Genesis

Genesis of first Batak man is derived from Siboru Deang Parujar ( Siboru Dea Siboru Deak Parujar ), daughter of Batara Guru with Tuan Dihurmajati or raja Endaenda , Tuan Ruma Uhir Tuan Ruma Gorga  , son of Tuan Soripada .
First God command Siboru Sorbajati to marry Tuan Ruma Uhir Tuan Ruma Gorga but after she saw his bad shape she tried to strecth time with asking gondang ( Batak traditional music concert ) all night long because she want to manortor ( to dance traditional Batak dancing ) , when the sun was going to shine she then tranced  went up the balcony of house , jump down to the ground and suddenly her body embedded deep into the ground .
God then command Deak Parujar to marry with Tuan Ruma Uhir ( he taught batak people to carve house ) but Deak Parujar strecthed time with excuse to weave ulos ( the thread color is black , white and red, these color then become the prime colors in Batak ornaments/textile and Batak people lerant to weave from her ) ,  because he has bad face and shape like lizard and also she threw down the thread then she went down to follow the thread ( then this thread used by the datu to lift pray to God  in ritual ceremony ) till fallen to unknown place , hanging  desperately blown by the wind and threatened by the big crab on wide wide ancient ocean, no edge . God invited her to return to sky but she refuse .She ask to God through Leang leang Mandi Untunguntung Nabolon a grip of soil, a magic sword and a veil .She then form a land for landing from a grip of soil then Naga Padoha tried to ruin it, she reformed again, again and again thus this shaking by Naga Padoha who tried to ruin earth is resulting shape of earth like hill, mountain , valley, cliff and some part id flat on earth shape .Then she asked God through leang leang Mandi Untunguntung Nabolon to send her plants and animals .
She had  long pray while forming the land , some of them is :
'Ompunta Tuan Humarahiri, Sihumara Naboru ( this two creatures  determine the weather )
Paraji tambatua, paraji pulungpulungan
Parsonduk ni ompunta Siraja Odapodap
Namarsigantung di TALI SIUBAR
Nameat di MOMBANG BORU………….'

described that the world has its two poles that pulling each other like there is begin there is end there is light and dark, there is good and bad .  When the poles meet each other ?  In Batak mitology there is time when they meet each other .
Deak Parujar then wonder why the earth she formed always shaking and ruin then pray to God to know the answer then God created 8 suns to dry the ocean , so seen the Naga Padoha , Deak Parujar then said to herself that Naga Padoha is the doer of shaking ( earthquake). ( In Batak mithology sun and moon always fight to defeat each other , one day moon can cheat the sun to eat the other 7 suns , there is time when one of the  sun or moon is defeated) .
She then think hard to stop him . Deak Parujar then ask to Leang leang Mandi Untunguntung Nabolon to ask to her aunty Siboru Narudung Begu ( Siboru Rundung Bulan) and Siboru Nan Bauraja a betel leaf from each other to chew  then spit it on Naga Padoha back after she got red on lips by betel leaf  then Naga Padoha wonder to see how she get red on lips. Deak Parujar said that she can help him to red his lips after she can tie him first with big rope till can not released. Naga Padoha can break it. Then Naga Padoha cajole her to marry , Deak Parujar then  receive him after Naga Padoha already can not break her rope which tied to him.
After Naga Padoha can not break the tied again Deak Parujar stab him on back till only handle of sword left over,  the Naga Padoha not die just can not move free. That is why in Batak land when there is earthquake Batak people scream out 'suhul..suhul...suhul' ( suhul means ;handle of the sword ) , to remind the Naga Padoha not to shake the earth anymore because his back already stabbed till  only the sword handle seen on his back. That is why also girls in Batak land chew the betel leaf.

When Deak Parujar walking on the earth she saw footprint on  earth and wonder who's footprints are that? When she met Raja Odapodap ( Tuan Ruma Uhir who already reborn as Raja odap odap after pray hard to God to change his shape to handsome and normal man shape) then she ask LLMUUN to fly her return to the sky but LLMUUN refused because no permit from God then she knew he is her fate , to marry him . So she asked Leang leang Mandi Untunguntung Nabolon ( LLMUUN ) to ask God to bless her marriage then God answer through LLMUUN 'let her bless her own marriage because she.
From their marriage born because she was stubborn then I will punished her ' . 'What is my punishment?' asked Deak Parujar through LLMUUN to God then the answer is she will work hard on earth then can eat , on the way to delivering baby Deak Parujar ask to God spells for fight  confrontation, 'Tuah Nabolon' and 'Tawar Mulajadi' then God gave it through LLMUUN, LLMUUN  put it on her shirt and on her rolling hair .
She has twin baby named Siraja Ihat Manisia or Tuan Mulana for baby boy and  Siboru Ihat Manisia for baby girl , those two babies then become the first man on earth.  When the baby grown up deak Parujar asked to LLMUUN to invite her family from sky world to see and bless her children . God, Debata Soripada and Debata Asiasi came down from the sky of sky through the thread she used when she fell down to the earth world .
They arrive on peak of Gunung Pusuk Buhit , around Pangururan , there were the first place of the first man on earth world on
Sianjurmulamula - Sianjurmulamulajadi - Sianjurmulamulatompa, to hind is the lake Toba,' namarpancur golang-golang, martapian jabi-jabi tu parsuap bohi di manogot tu paridion di borngin ari'.
That is the place that is squeezed by 2 branches of ocean where the
Dolok Pusuk Buhit standing on , the sacred place of Nalaga which is not allowed to passed and stained . When God presence on Siboru Deak Parujar place and bless them so they know which is allowed and not allowed to do and they also taught how to connect with God Ompunta Mulajadi Nabolon on the upper sky world ie with ritual offerings to the spirit of God and precious things 'Homitan' . The most precious things 'homitan' for ritual offerings for connect with God is  Hoda Hapas. Ritual offerings are always in the same portion :
Pane Nabolon holy bookTuan Ruma Uhir or raja Odapodap also taught man about season, time, astrology, astronomy in a holy book called Pane Nabolon .
God says ' All of you the people on earth world when starting ritual offerings, you must place its in order , tidy, clean and followed with happy and earnestly heart .Thus God also bless the God horse ." Hoda Hapas' .After all the instructions and ritual have done then God went up to Dolok Pusuk Buhit direct to upper sky world . Siboru Deak Parujar and Siraja Odapodap also return to sky world ,  Debata Asi-asi dan Raja Ingot Paung were left to look after Siraja Ihatmanisia and Siboru Ihat Manisia. Siraja Ihat Manisia and Siboru Ihat Manisia keep look at how their parents  lift up and wanted to follow their parents but the thread was broken so they could not reach them. The broken thread blown by the wind to 8 wind directions . Since then batu Nanggar Jati became path to the sky world and Debata Asiasi becomes connector between the sky world and earth world .

Conclusion : God give task to Siboru Deak Parujar to descend human , to teach them how to weave, dancing and music , how to make food and offerings to God, how to harmonize with earth and sky .
Music and dancing of Batak are only used for ritual purpose : for praying to God , for asking blessing and say thank.
So, Batak man is Goddest dencendant that is why most of them is datu .

c. Under earth world
Under earth world is governed by Ompu Tuan Mangala Bulan or Naga Padoha with the spirits .
The spirits from under earth world function are to give examintaion for the people on the earth world .

Batak uterology

Siboru Debata Copied from 'Kitab SiBoru Debata' , this holy book talking about maternity , the 3 goddes from God and the queen of water .
After 3 Goddess from God : Siboru Parmeme, Siboru Parorot, Siboru Panuturi then became wives of Debata Natolu ( Trinity of Batak ) Ompu Tuan Batara Guru married with Siboru Parmeme , Ompu Tuan Soripada married with Siboru Parorot, Ompu Tuan Mangala Bulan married with Siboru Panuturi  then from this moment in this holy book God described to Si Raja Batak how the creating of foetus after 3 months in his father then in womb of mother for 9 months , if 4 months in his father then 8 months in womb of his mother because God said : 'the foetus creating must be follow the fourth circleing of Pane Nabolon on the fourth wind Directions so then God give power to control the water and the contents . Man take care your children and help those who has no child ' .

 In the past in person who knew about maternity and midife was called Sibaso Bolon
Fate of foetus for 9 months :
First month ; genesis in mother womb, spirit from God mix with spirit of body dwell in holy world ( in womb ).
Second month: The presence of Trinity of Batak in holy world if there is vibration means there is contact so there is shape of creature .
Third month : After entered by the Trinity of Batak then color of black, white and red are mixed .
Fourth month : creating of skin, mother feels thte morning sick because the creature start to making movement .
Fifth month : creating of brain in holy  world .
Sixth month : creating 9999 veins and arteries and start to move.
Seventh month : creating of bones,
Eight month : the shaping of baby is done, baby moving in order and hair grow.
Ninth month : separating process with amniotic fluid, separating of packing, separating of ropes, separating with blood death companion , waiting for delivering .
The baby will rotating for 7 days , at the seventh day of 7th rotating, the door of holy world is opened , the baby went out then cry to start the holy era , shape of spirit of man is his groin.

The baby will be complete to delivered after received :
  1. shine
  2. the inner go back to adjsan
  3. law and rule go back to miral
  4. face go back to spirit
  5. smell go back to wahdat
  6. imagination go back to hadijat
  7. life go back to man
Human has 9 bloods :
  1. black on hair
  2. purple on crown
  3. red on body
  4. yellow on nail
  5. white on body
  6. blue on empedu
  7. green on the pack of empedu
  8. grey on inner skin
  9. brown on skin ( accordingly )

Batak religion
follower in modern era

Batak people who kept their religion of Batak after Christian and Moslem enter Batak land , they look exclusif among the others : holy and simple then people called them "Parmalim" , due to Batak religion already published as worship idol after Dutch colonized Batak land so many Batak people left Batak religion.
Etimology parmalim is from malim , derived from alim means holy, malim is look holy then parmalim is person who live in holy and simple.
Their comunity most in Huta Tinggi , Balige, North Sumatera , around 7 hours by bus from Medan to the South on the way to lake Toba , from lake Toba to Balige by public bus around 2 hours.
Mizoram ( India ) , Batak ( Sumatera )
 Batak traditions are : 
1. Dalihan natolu; elek marboru, somba marhula-hula,manant mardongan tubu.
    Elek marboru means you must pray to the husband of your sister, boru is daughter , husband of daughter also
    boru, boru works to serve in family ritual like weddin,death,born party,etc.
     Somba marhula-hula means you (female) must respect to your brother because he is represent of your father,
    represent of  God , hula-hula is your brother (female), brother of your mother (female)  , brother of your wife.
    Man must Respect to brother  in law because he gave you wife so you have children.
    Your brother in law can not work in your house and you must serve him , if  your brother in law becomes your staff     you must respect him more than the other.
    This addres makes the Bataks has no caste even though how rich you are , how clever you are one day you will be
    boru, a server. you must work/serve at the family ritual like wedding,death,born party,etc .

    Manat mardongan tubu means you must be carefull to the same family tree name .

2). Keep strong 'Tarombo dohot Marga' ( genealogy ) , same ' marga' (  family tree name ) can not marry each other .
'TAROMBO' is system of calling relationship position  for example if the same marga from father we can call her kakak/adek or namboru( if same position generation with father ) or call him as abang/adek or bapatua ( if his generation has higher position than our father ) , etc. If same marga with mother we call her 'inanguda' or 'inangtua' if her generation position older than our mama , etc .

Boeyi tribe , China3). A person in a family  marry  pariban ( specific cousin )
Pariban in Batak system of relationship position is if female pariban is cousin from the son of papa sister , if male pariban is cousin from the daughter of mama brotherso similar to ancient  Israel  . It is to keep pure genealogy .

4). Parbasuan ( a sink from stone ) usually in front of house to wash legs and hands before entering house .

5). Universe pattern.
Batak belief comprise the universe in 3 parts :  'banua ginjang ' ( sky ) , 'banua tonga' ( earth world ) and ' banua toru ' ( under erath world )

 6). Credibility .

In the past Batak people used bail or warranty : ' salapa or gajut ' ( bettle nut container ) , an ulos or a stick  and some day later should be redeem .

7). Hierarchy in genealogy

In Batak tradition a widow should married by the close relative from husband
If the death husband has no brother then from another member family of husband . In poet writen like this : 
 : “Mardakka do salohot, marnata do na sumolhot. Marbona do sakkalan, marnampuna do ugasan' means a tree has branch ,  family will care ,a cutting board is from a tree , the job has the doer ' .

8 ). Vulgarism

When ancient Batak people angry to enemy , they took a leaf then tear it and curse like this : 'Sai diripashon Debata ma au songon on molo so hudege, hubasbas, huripashon ho annon !!!” means ' let God punished me like this leaf if I don't tread on you ! '  .

Now , most Batak people if angry with somebody who have harmed her/him say this ' jaloonmu do haduan dah natudos tupangalohomi' or bereng, jaloonmu dodah ' means ' you get your karma during your life '.

Pusuk Buhit mountain the tallest mountain around lake Toba  , the  sacred place where God  go down  and up the  upper sky world , to heaven His throne ,  all the  holiest Datu like  omp.Raja Uti (  the celibate  spiritual  leader and leader of Batak people in the past who never  die and never getting old  ) also went toPusuk Buhit before he being lift up to heaven by God .

9). Mangongkal Holi  ( Exumation ) 
Batak people has family grave yard called 'tambak' , after a few years buried under the ground then moved to family grave by a small ritual ceremony .

10). Hierarki on body .
Head is the highest value and foot is the lowest , when angry to enenmy say this : '
Ditoru ni palak ni pathon do ho'= 'you are under my foot ' is a great insulting.
To show pole foot toward some body is prohibit .

11). Right side and right hand . 

Interaction with right hand if must use left hand then followed with pardon .

12).  The oldest son .
In family hierachy , the oldest son is  a head to solve the problem , if has no more father the adult oldest son change father position like this poem : ' Pitu batu martindi-tindi, alai sada do sitaon na dokdok ' ' 7 stones one after another but the suffering is one' means the oldest son take responsible for family .

13). Gender
Female not entered in genealogy because female belong to other family tree name . Only spesial person like Maria ( Jesus mother and Ruth enter the genealogy in ancient Israel )

14). Batak benzoin .
Old people said the standard price in bartering benzoin was 1 gram gold or 16kg rice .
 Batak land well known with benzoin , champor ,  gold and spices , according the book of orientalist and world trader ,  they brought its from Barus , near the main seaport of Batak land , Sibolga .
King Solomon in Melakim book of Jews told to got offers from His deputy Hiram king of Tirus 420 talent gold brought fom Ophir .Where Ophir land supposed to be ? Sumatera , ancient name Sumatera is Swarna Dwipa means Land of Gold , precisely Barus , Sibolga ( Batak land ) , the main seaport . ( Tirus was the centre of goods trading from far East ) . 

Remember the story of  the Majus( clever ) from the East  came to offer the gift to Holy Infant , who they were supposed to be ?  
King Solomon commanded his people to buy spices and gold to Ophir where they had found the people believe in God ( monotheist ) and the Iranian Nestorian Christian from Persia built the first church in Barus around century 5th  in Desa Pancuran , Barus . 

Ptolomeus wrote in is book Geographike Hyphegesis have information from the trader of Tirus around century 14th -15th that gold brought from Ophir , far East : Sumatera , precisely Baru .

15). Given name to the new born baby at the 8th day .
 ( Luke 1:59 , Luke 2:21 ) .
Our ancestor brougth the infant to  'pancur' ( fountain where the people bathing together ) in order to baptize the new baby  , this tradition called Martutu Aek then they celebrate it called Pesta Martutu Aek .

Why not circumcision then ? Maybe assimilated with the local tradition like Bene Manashe tribe in India and Chiang Min tribe in China , they are the Israel clan who doesn't do circumcision  or maybe after seen the Holy Infant and heard the Good News they stop to do it . 

16). Monotheisme Batak belief

Batak religions

Many  ancient Batak belief s like Siraja Batak followrs Batak religion, Mulajadi beliefs, but most of them has no more committee but most of the Bataks still belief in Batak belief as part of their culture, tradition cos as I've saying Batak is already 1 package ; language,script, tradition,culture and belief that can not separate from their soul because Batak is spirit  . Due to import religion influencing Batak land in century 18th, some people called them sipele begu,kafir so all the manuscripts and artefak contains with ancient Batak religion was burnt .

Then the colonist made constitution to have admission for a religion must have holy scripts , where to find it anymore?

Till now batak religion is not adimitted in constitution in new state ;Indonesia.


now is called Parmalim was born during the colonial , they were dissapointed to te new import religion because they did not respect the tradition but they were also dissapointed to the base religion becase had no power to defense itself facing the new influence, most of their belief base on Batak religion but somewere added from the spiritual expreince of the chief omp. Somaliang Pardede, he was the foreign minister of omp. Sisingamangaraja XII.
OMp.Sisingmangraja XII didn't agree with his new spiritualism but they respect each because tradition 'Dalihan Natolu' must be respected

Parmalim derived from malim means holy, due to Batak belief is prohibited by the colonist , the Bataks protected their friends who didn't want to be Christian call their friend as malim because they live holy, then people call them Parmalim.

Ugamo means religion.,the follower of Ugamo malim called Parmalim. Ugamo Malim keep strong Habatahon ( Raja Batak doctrins : religion , culture , tradition, music, calendar, zodiac, medicating , etc ).

How Ugamo Malim describe God ? God according to  Ugamo Malim :

Parmalim ( the follower of Ugamo Malim ) called God as Ompung Mulajadi na Bolon (Awal Mula Yang Besar or the First and Almighty ) as well as Batak belief name God .Parmalim believe God is the one , has no form but exist ,  has no start and no end and absolut power : to punish to forgive .
In ritual ceremony Parmalims do  Patik Ni Ugamo Malim to know your sin and asking forgiveness from God , if follow God rules we will have lasting life in heaven .

Ugamo Malim has 7 rituals :
1. Martutuaek (baptizing after baby 7 days year old ) 
2. Pasahat Tondi (to deliver spirit to God , die )
3. Mararisabtu ( Sabbath service )
4. Mardebata ( pray to God )
5. Mangan Mapaet ( asking for forgiveness to God , fasting)
6. Sipaha Sada ( like Christmas )
7. Sipaha Lima ( ritual like Pasca )on March and July , thanksgiving to God .

Ancient Batak religions not allow the followers to eat pig, blood of animal and animal has splitted nail and can not eat the food of the grief hen you visit them.
Raja Marnakkok Naipospos is Ulu Punguan ( spiritual leader ) Parmalim in Desa Hutatinggi Kecamatan Laguboti, Kabupaten Toba Samosir , the Holy Book of Batak Religion is "Tumbaga Holing and Surat Agong ' , now the Holy Book Tumbaga is using by the Parmalim in ritual service but the original is in keepng in the body of the chosen one of God , both can be in the body of the chosen one of God like  Siraja Batak before

Batak Genealogy book.
general of water Usually every Batak family has general genealogy book but some of them only have genealogy book from the twig  clan not full from the root .
Batak man keep their genealogy to address them self  to each other and not to marry if father and mother is same clan , it is  called martarombo , all the Batak man ancestor clan in the past has super natural power from God and family sacred treasures that given from father to son . Super natural power from God can be used for good purpose to help people who need ( not for commercial ) like to fly, to be invisible, to call the rain, to heal the sick, to find the lost, to shortening the journey, to find water, to dispel evil spirit or black magic invasion, to manage people/kingdom, to identify man or ghost, etc .
First Batak man :
Siraja Odapodap or Tuan Ruma Uhir - Siboru Deak Parujar (both from the sky world and return to sky world after children grown up)
Raja Ihat Manisia (don't know who is the wife) - Siboru Itom (don't know who is the husband) lived in Pusuk Buhit, Sianjur Mulamula
                   ? ( we called this homi di hahomion , 'secret in secret of God')
Eng Banua, went to live in Siam land with his brother in law ,  the Siams ( man from Thai )
Eng Domia or Ompu Bonang Tua
-Siraja Batak, ( went to live in other places then return to Pusuk Buhit via Karo, Dairi and Parbuluan , married with the girl from Siam)
-Raja Asi-asi, ( went to border of Batak land ,to Gayo , Alas )
-Raja Jau , went to tano Doli ( now called Tanah Deli ) , Doli means beautiful, descendant is Malai people now , they don"t have
    marga that is why if Batak people who broke tarombo we call them Malai .
-Toga Datu or Tatea Bulan , went to visit his uncle raja Siam in Siam to marry his daughter but no one he loved of them then
     he return to Pusuk Buhit and married with girl from Pusuk Buhit, his uncle blessed him to be a man with many descendant
     and respected also gave him sacred family treasures which are still hold by the descend till now. 
    Sacred treasured from Siraja Batak is Pustaha Surat Agong, content with hadatuon ( super natural power ), habeguon ( ability to see creatures from other worlds and even to manage or to ally with them ), military and leadership.  

-Toga Sumba, or Raja Isumbaon went to Pangururan sacred treasure from Siraja Batak is Pustaha Surat Tumbaga Holing,
    contents with law, hadatuon, and rule, finance skill, tecnology skill and governance .
-Toga Laut , descent went to Karo, Alas , Gayo united with Raja Asiasi descent ; their marga is Sekedang, Selian, Ciberou,
  Pinem, Munte, Karo in Alas, Bobasan ( Batak na27) , Melala  , etc in Gayo.
    Sacred treasure from Siraja Batak is "Parhobolon, Habaranion and habeguon".
Toga Datu or Guru Tatea Bulan married a goddes named Siboru Baso Burning with 5 sons, 4 daughter
- Siraja Miokmiok, Raja Sigumeleng-geleng gelar Ompu Raja Uti, flew to Barus and established his dinasty , once moved to Singkil .
-Tuan Saribu Raja ( descendant marga is Pasaribu ), twin with Siboru Pareme .
-Limbong Mulana ( descendant marga is Limbong )
-Silau raja ( descendant marga is Malau, Manik, Ambarita, Gurning )
+Siboru Pareme, incest with Tuan Saribu Raja son named Si Raja Ilontungon so must held ritual ceremony 'Martompas Bong2 to ask for apologize to God
+Siboru Anting Sabungan married with Tuan Sori Mangaraja, son of Toga Sumba
+Siboru Biding Laut, as the queen of  archipelagos ocean or  called Si Ratu Adil in Java .

 Raja Uti dinasty
Santabi di sangap ni Ompui, pray, Ompu, to his most distinguished,
His first name was Raja Miokmiok because he was born with no arms and legs but he kept praying to God then God reborn him then God answer his praying and choose him as messenger of God and change his name to Raja Uti or Raja Hatorusan, raja sohaliapan raja sohalompoan, he never die and never grow old , then only his parents and his brother Saribu Raja who able to see him . Raja Miok miok gelar Raja Uti mandate his siblings to use his name for their kids name .
He married the goddes from sky world.
No body knows how old this dinasty has been rule because in Batak calendar no year written ,  the king never die and never grow old and this dinasty spring according to emergency needing for descendant .
 Raja Uti, Raja Miokmiok
 Raja Uti II
 Raja Uti III
 Raja Uti IV
 Raja Uti V
 Raja Uti VI
 Raja Uti VII who blessed and inaugurate Raja Manghuntal as Sisingamangaraja I as king of Bangkara

Later after the descendant became moslem the dinasty divided into 2 Sultanates : Sultan Pasaribu and Sultan Pardosi .

Saribu Raja has 4 wives :
1.married with Nai Mangiring Laut , goddes from under earth world , from the ocean, santabi diOmpui, has 1 son , 1 daughter :
-Raja Iboroboron ( Big rain poured ), was from during dry season while family hold ritual ceremony for asking rain to God he
    then delivered , his father gave him sacred treasure a pierce for praying because not seen by him when he was born.
+Siboru Sanggul Haomasan
 2.Incest with his twin , has 1 son :
-Raja Ilontungon, he gave him sacred treasure '
3.married with goddes of Tiger during his exile in the jungle also the Tiger who feed Siboru Pareme in the jungle during exile because did incest, son named Siraja Galeman or Siraja Babiat ( king of tiger ), Siraja Babiat went to Dairi , descendant clan is marga Babiat, Tambeski and Napagodang , Saribu Raja gave him sacred treasure 'batu Martaha' and 'Tintin sipajadijadi' ( ring that have pair with other ring wore by your family so you must be respect to him'
due to Saribu Raja 3 young brothers wanted to kill him for incest he did because he stained family honor, he lived secretly
 move from a place to another place , he
also run away to Angkola, Mandailing then Barus he married there and has descendant   
named  marga Bayoangin  .
Raja Iborboran marrried with a girl from Raja Jau descent , son named Raja Hatorusan II, he also has super super natural power
from God .
Raja Hatorusan II married with boru Hasibuan , children are 5 :
-Ompu Tuan Raja Doli with title "Datu Taladibabana' cos from mouth came out ancient Batak book]pustaha' when he pray
    , went to Dongdong near Motung
- Datu Rimbang, went to Sarinembah , Karo
-Datu Altong ( Altongniaji) , went to Karo, descendant marga Kacaribu , married with boru Tompul Sipurpuron
- Ompu Sahang Mataniari, went to Toba, Habinsaran then to Bandar Pulo, Pane then to Asahan, son named Raja
    Margolang then becomes marga Margolang
-Ompu Sindar Mata Nibulan with title"Datu Mombang Napitu' , has 2 wives: I. boru Tompul Napurpuron, son named
Simarimbulubosi, II boru Harondangpane, has 7 twin babies then all babies died together.

After died, Raja Hatorusan II buried near his father Raja Iborboran and grand parents in Rianiate , their unity marga is Borbor.
Datu Taladibabana has 6 children , wife is boru Hasibuan :
+Siboru Huta Hot ,
married with Siraja Mangarerak , son of Sorimangaraja with Nairasaon from Pangururan, went to Sibisa
-Saribu Raja II, went to Haunatas
-Sipahutar, has a son with only one big eye named Mata Sopiak Dilangit, can see who perch on the peak of tree on the peak of mountain,
    descendant went to Parsabilan married with boru Sitorus Pane, has 4 sons , went to Bandarpulo, Pagar Batu, Parsingkaman
-Siraja Hatioran, descendat has marga Harahap went with Siraja Tanjung to Angkola, they have dinasty there
-Siraja Tanjung, some descendant went to Barus
-Ramberaja, descendant has marga Rambe, went to Barus, Dairi, Singkil, Langkat
Saribu Raja II married with boru Hasibuan, children are :
-Datu Pompang Balasaribu, descendat has marga Pasaribu, went to Sipultak
-Siraja Matondang , descendant went to Sijamapolang, Pakpak, Angkola, Kualu

-Raja Saruksuk, descendant went to Barus, Pakpak, Karo
-Raja Sitarihoran,
descendant went to Barus, Silindung, Angkola, Karo, Sarinembah
-Raja Parapat, went to Parapat, Simalungun, descendant went to Toba, Silindung, Barus, Portibi Padang Lawas
+Siboru Anting Malela married with Sipagot Ni Pohan, son of Tuan Sorba Dibanua from Balige
+Siboru Panti Sabungan married with Babiat Naingol Sinaga from Parik Sabungan
Datu Pompang Balasaribu, married with boru Sihombing ,children are :
-Isangmaima, title 'Datu Pulungan Tua, descendant has marga Lubis
-Datu Rimbangsaudara, title 'Datu Marhandang Dalu' , descendant has marga Pasaribu
+Siboru Sanduduk, married with son of Babiat Naingol Sinaga
Datu Dalu married with boru Sihombing
-Saribu Raja III
-Raja Dohang or Datubara, then called Batu Bara now
Married with boru Tompul Dasopang, daughter of Raja Humbil 'Toga Gurning' who live in Lumbanggurning Uluan
Saribu Raja III married with...
-Raja Habeahan, descendant went to Barus, Haunatas, Sitoluama Parik Sabungan
-Raja Bondar,
descendant went live in Sipultak
-Raja Gorat, descendant went to Sihujur, Rura Silindung, Habinsaran, Sipahutar, Dolok Sanggul
Raja Bondar married with..... , children are :
-Pangulu Raja , live in Sipultak to maintenance his ancestor graveyard
-Raja Pultak went to Bahal Batu, Pagarnisondi, Silindung Simarangkir then to Pahae, Angkola , Pargarutan, people called him Datu Dibagona, he united with
    marga Harahap there.
-Raja Gordang live in Marsaitbosi , Huta Barat near river Situmandi then moved to Barus, he was a datu bolon with title Datu Manomba Bisa ,  his supernatural     was reborn from his ancestor Datu Marhandang Dalu , he has 2 sons , 1 daughter .
    His daughter Si Tumaledung, people called her S
iboru Hutahian Natumandi because she is very beutiful , kind and was born near river Situmandi
    She married with Datu Mangaloksa from Gaol Uluan, children are :
       - Raja Nabarat
       - Raja Panggabean
       - Raja Hutagalung
       -Raja Hutatoruan
Pangulu Raja married with ..., children are :
-Tuan Sarangnaiborngin live in Sipultak to take care his parents, after parents died he moved to Onan Ria, Haunatas, he was a member of council during war
    and after independent day
-Panjimeter , live in Doloksanggul., has 3 children went to Dairi, Alas, Gayo unity with marga he found there , the 2nd went to Karo unity with marga
    Karo-Karo Kacaribu, the 3rd went to Parik Sabungan unity with Borbor
Tuan Sarangnaiborngin married with .... , children are :
-Juara Monang
-Ompu Randuk
-Raja Enduk
-Ompu Debata Raja
-Ompu Mangaretar


Asa tumorang di pomparanna angka na umposo nuaeng on, pinatorang do di son pusahapusaha na jinalo



Keturunan Datu Dalu melahirkan marga-marga berikut :

1. Pasaribu, Batubara, Habeahan, Bondar, Gorat.

2. Tinendang, Tangkar.

3. Matondang.

4. Saruksuk.

5. Tarihoran.

6. Parapat.

7. Rangkuti.


Keturunan Datu Pulungan melahirkan marga-marga Lubis dan Hutasuhut.

Siraja Lontung  has 7 sons and 2 daughters:
-Tuan Situmorang descendant has marga
    branches marga are Lumban Pande, Lumban Nahor, Suhutnihuta, Siringo-ringo, Sitohang, Rumapea, Padang, Solin
-Sinaga, descendant has marga Sinaga
    branches marga are Simandahali, Simanjorang, Barutu  
-Pandiangan, descendat has marga Pandiangan
    branches marga are Samosir, Pakpahan, Gultom, Sidari, Sitinjak, Harianja
-Toga Nainggolan, descendat has marga Nainggolan
    branches marga are Rumahombar, Parhusip, Lumban Tungkup, Lumban Siantar, Hutabalian, Lumban Raja, Pusuk, Buaton,
-Simatupang , descendat has marga Simatupang
    branches marga are Togatorop, Sianturi, Siburian
-Aritonang, decendant has marga Aritonang
    branches marga are Ompusunggu,Rajagukguk, Simare-mare
-Siregar, descendant has marga Siregar
    branches marga are Silo, Dongaran, Silali, Siagian, Ritonga, Sormin
-Siboru Anak Pandan, married with Toga Sihombing
-Siboru Panggabean , married with Toga Simamora  , those children of  Siraja Lontung called 'Lontung Si Sia Marina'



Putra kedua dari Tuan Sariburaja, dilahirkan oleh Nai Margiring Laut. Semua keturunannya disebut Marga Borbor.



Limbong Mulana dan marga-marga keturunannya

Limbong Mulana adalah putra ketiga dari Guru Tatea Bulan. Keturunannya bermarga Limbong yang mempunyai dua orang putra, yaitu Palu Onggang, dan Langgat Limbong. Putra dari Langgat Limbong ada tiga orang. Keturunan dari putranya yang kedua kemudian bermarga Sihole, dan keturunan dari putranya yang ketiga kemudian bermarga Habeahan. Yang lainnya tetap memakai marga induk, yaitu Limbong.



Putra keempat dari Guru Tatea Bulan. Sampai sekarang keturunannya tetap memakai marga Sagala.



Silau Raja adalah putra kelima dari Guru Tatea Bulan yang mempunyai empat orang putra, yaitu:

1. Malau

2. Manik

3. Ambarita

4. Gurning


Khusus sejarah atau tarombo Ambarita Raja atau Ambarita, memiliki dua putra:

I. Ambarita Lumban Pea

II. Ambarita Lumban Pining


Lumban Pea memiliki dua anak laki-laki

1. Ompu Mangomborlan

2. Ompu Bona Nihuta

Berhubung Ompu Mangomborlan tidak memiliki anak/keturunan laki-laki, maka Ambarita paling sulung hingga kini adalah turunan Ompu Bona Nihuta, yang memiliki anak laki-laki tunggal yakni Op Suhut Ni Huta. Op Suhut Nihuta juga memiliki anak laki-laki tunggal Op Tondolnihuta.


Keturunan Op Tondol Nihuta ada empat laki-laki:

1. Op Martua Boni Raja (atau Op Mamontang Laut)

2. Op Raja Marihot

3. Op Marhajang

4. Op Rajani Umbul


Selanjutnya di bawah ini hanya dapat meneruskan tarombo dari Op Mamontang Laut (karena keterbatasan data. Op Mamontang Laut menyeberang dari Ambarita di Kabupaten Toba Samosir saat ini ke Sihaporas, Kecamatan Pematang Sidamanik, Kabupaten Simalungun. Hingga tahun 2008 ini, keturunan Op Mamontang laut sudah generasi kedelapan).


Op Mamontang Laut semula menikahi Boru Sinaga, dari Parapat. Setelah sekian tahun berumah tangga, mereka tidka dikaruniai keturunan, lalu kemudian menikah lagi pada boru Sitio dari Simanindo, Samosir.


Dari perkawinan kedua, lahir tiga anak laki-laki

1. Op Sohailoan menikahi Boru Sinaga bermukim di Sihaporas Aek Batu

Keturunan Op Sohailoan saat ini antara lain Op Josep (Pak Beluana di Palembang)


2. Op Jaipul menikahi Boru Sinaga bermukin di Sihaporas Bolon

Keturunan antara lain J ambarita Bekasi, dan saya sendiri (www.domu-ambarita.blogspot.com atau domuambarita@yahoo.com)


3. Op Sugara atau Op Ni Ujung Barita menikahi Boru Sirait bermukim di Motung, Kabupaten Toba Samosir.

Keturunan Op Sugara antara lain penyanyi Iran Ambarita dan Godman Ambarita




Tuan Sorimangaraja adalah putra pertama dari Raja Isombaon. Dari ketiga putra Raja Isombaon, dialah satu-satunya yang tinggal di Pusuk Buhit (di Tanah Batak). Istrinya ada 3 orang, yaitu :

1. Si Boru Anting Malela (Nai Rasaon), putri dari Guru Tatea Bulan.

2. Si Boru Biding Laut (nai ambaton), juga putri dari Guru Tatea Bulan.

c. Si Boru Sanggul Haomasan (nai suanon).


Si Boru Anting Malela melahirkan putra yang bernama Tuan Sorba Djulu (Ompu Raja Nabolon), gelar Nai Ambaton.


Si Boru Biding Laut melahirkan putra yang bernama Tuan Sorba Jae (Raja Mangarerak), gelar Nai Rasaon.


Si Boru Sanggul Haomasan melahirkan putra yang bernama Tuan Sorbadibanua, gelar Nai Suanon.

Nai Ambaton (Tuan Sorba Djulu/Ompu Raja Nabolon)


Nama (gelar) putra sulung Tuan Sorimangaraja lahir dari istri pertamanya yang bernama Nai Ambaton. Nama sebenarnya adalah Ompu Raja Nabolon, tetapi sampai sekarang keturunannya bermarga Nai Ambaton menurut nama ibu leluhurnya.


Nai Ambaton mempunyai empat orang putra, yaitu:

1. Simbolon Tua, keturunannya bermarga Simbolon.

2. Tamba Ttua, keturunannya bermarga Tamba.

3. Saragi Tua, keturunannya bermarga Saragi.

4. Munte Tua, keturunannya bermarga Munte (Munte, Nai Munte, atau Dalimunte).

Dari keempat marga pokok tersebut, lahir marga-marga cabang sebagai berikut (menurut buku "Tarombo Marga Ni Suku Batak" karangan W. Hutagalung):



Lahir marga-marga Tinambunan, Tumanggor, Maharaja, Turutan, Nahampun, Pinayungan. Juga marga-marga Berampu dan Pasi.



Lahir marga-marga Siallagan, Tomok, Sidabutar, Sijabat, Gusar, Siadari, Sidabolak, Rumahorbo, Napitu.



Lahir marga-marga Simalango, Saing, Simarmata, Nadeak, Sidabungke.



Lahir marga-marga Sitanggang, Manihuruk, Sidauruk, Turnip, Sitio, Sigalingging.


Keterangan lain mengatakan bahwa Nai Ambaton mempunyai dua orang putra, yaitu Simbolon Tua dan Sigalingging. Simbolon Tua mempunyai lima orang putra, yaitu Simbolon, Tamba, Saragi, Munte, dan Nahampun.


Walaupun keturunan Nai Ambaton sudah terdiri dari berpuluih-puluh marga dan sampai sekarang sudah lebih dari 20 sundut (generasi), mereka masih mempertahankan Ruhut Bongbong, yaitu peraturan yang melarang perkawinan antarsesama marga keturunan Nai Ambaton.


Catatan mengenai Ompu Bada, menurut buku "Tarombo Marga Ni Suku Batak" karangan W Hutagalung, Ompu Bada tersebut adalah keturunan Nai Ambaton pada sundut kesepuluh.


Menurut keterangan dari salah seorang keturunan Ompu Bada (mpu bada) bermarga gajah, asal-usul dan silsilah mereka adalah sebagai berikut:

1. Ompu Bada ialah asal-usul dari marga-marga Tendang, Banuarea, Manik, Beringin, Gajah, dan Barasa.

2. Keenam marga tersebut dinamai Sienemkodin (enem = enam, kodin = periuk) dan nama tanah asal keturunan Empu Bada, pun dinamai Sienemkodin.

3. Ompu Bada bukan keturunan Nai Ambaton, juga bukan keturunan si raja batak dari Pusuk Buhit.

4. Lama sebelum Si Raja Batak bermukim di Pusuk Buhit, Ompu Bada telah ada di tanah dairi. Keturunan Ompu bada merupakan ahli-ahli yang terampil (pawang) untuk mengambil serta mengumpulkan kapur barus yang diekspor ke luar negeri selama berabad-abad.

5. Keturunan Ompu Bada menganut sistem kekerabatan Dalihan Natolu seperti yang dianut oleh saudara-saudaranya dari Pusuk Buhit yang datang ke tanah dairi dan tapanuli bagian barat.



Nama (gelar) putra kedua dari Tuan Sorimangaraja, lahir dari istri kedua tuan Sorimangaraja yang bernama Nai Rasaon. Nama sebenarnya ialah Raja Mangarerak, tetapi hingga sekarang semua keturunan Raja Mangarerak lebih sering dinamai orang Nai Rasaon.


Raja Mangarerak mempunyai dua orang putra, yaitu Raja Mardopang dan Raja Mangatur. Ada empat marga pokok dari keturunan Raja Mangarerak:


Raja Mardopang

Menurut nama ketiga putranya, lahir marga-marga Sitorus, Sirait, dan Butar-butar.


Raja Mangatur

Menurut nama putranya, Toga Manurung, lahir marga Manurung. Marga pane adalah marga cabang dari sitorus.


NAI SUANON (tuan sorbadibanua)

Nama (gelar) putra ketiga dari Tuan Sorimangaraja, lahir dari istri ketiga Tuan Sorimangaraja yang bernama Nai Suanon. Nama sebenarnya ialah Tuan Sorbadibanua, dan di kalangan keturunannya lebih sering dinamai Ttuan Sorbadibanua.


Tuan Sorbadibanua, mempunyai dua orang istri dan memperoleh 8 orang putra.

Dari istri pertama (putri Sariburaja):

1. Si Bagot Ni Pohan, keturunannya bermarga Pohan.

2. Si Paet Tua.

3. Si Lahi Sabungan, keturunannya bermarga Silalahi.

4. Si Raja Oloan.

5. Si Raja Huta Lima.


Dari istri kedua (Boru Sibasopaet, putri Mojopahit) :

a. Si Raja Sumba.

b. Si Raja Sobu.

c. Toga Naipospos, keturunannya bermarga Naipospos.


Keluarga Tuan Sorbadibanua bermukim di Lobu Parserahan - Balige. Pada suatu ketika, terjadi peristiwa yang unik dalam keluarga tersebut. Atas ramalan atau anjuran seorang datu, Tuan Sorbadibanua menyuruh kedelapan putranya bermain perang-perangan. Tanpa sengaja, mata Si Raja huta lima terkena oleh lembing Si Raja Sobu. Hal tersebut mengakibatkan emosi kedua istrinya beserta putra-putra mereka masing-masing, yang tak dapat lagi diatasi oleh Tuan Sorbadibanua. Akibatnya, istri keduanya bersama putra-putranya yang tiga orang pindah ke Lobu Gala-gala di kaki Gunung Dolok Tolong sebelah barat.


Keturunan Tuan Sorbadibanua berkembang dengan pesat, yang melahirkan lebih dari 100 marga hingga dewasa ini.

Keturunan Si Bagot ni pohan melahirkan marga dan marga cabang berikut:

1. Tampubolon, Barimbing, Silaen.

2. Siahaan, Simanjuntak, Hutagaol, Nasution.

3. Panjaitan, Siagian, Silitonga, Sianipar, Pardosi.

4. Simangunsong, Marpaung, Napitupulu, Pardede.


Keturunan Si Paet Tua melahirkan marga dan marga cabang berikut:

1. Hutahaean, Hutajulu, Aruan.

2. Sibarani, Sibuea, Sarumpaet.

3. Pangaribuan, Hutapea.


Silahi Sabungan mempunyai 2 orang istri :


II. Pinggan Matio boru Batang hari melahirkan marga dan marga cabang berikut:


1. Sinaborno

2. Sinapuran

3. Sinapitu



1. Sibagasan

2. Sipakpahan

3. Sipangkar



1. Ruma Singap

2. Ruma Bolon



1. Rumabolon

2. Ambuyak

3. Rumatungkup



1. Lumban Tonga

2. Lumban Dolok

3. Lumban Toruan



1. Parsidung

2. Siari

3. Sitao



1. Hutabalian

2. Lumbanpea

3. Sigiro


III. Similing-miling boru Raja Mangarerak melahirkan marga dan marga cabang berikut:


1. Tambun Mulia

2. Tambun Saribu

3. Tambun Marbun


Keturunan Si Raja Oloan melahirkan marga dan marga cabang berikut:

1. Naibaho, Ujung, Bintang, Manik, Angkat, Hutadiri, Sinamo, Capa.

2. Sihotang, Hasugian, Mataniari, Lingga.

3. Bangkara.

4. Sinambela, Dairi.

5. Sihite, Sileang.

6. Simanullang.


Keturunan Si Raja Huta Lima melahirkan marga dan marga cabang berikut:

1. Maha.

2. Sambo.

3. Pardosi, Sembiring Meliala.


Keturunan Si Raja Sumba melahirkan marga dan marga cabang berikut:

1. Simamora, Rambe, Purba, Manalu, Debataraja, Girsang, Tambak, Siboro.

2. Sihombing, Silaban, Lumban Toruan, Nababan, Hutasoit, Sitindaon, Binjori.


Keturunan Si Raja Sobu melahirkan marga dan marga cabang berikut:

1. Sitompul.

2. Hasibuan, Hutabarat, Panggabean, Hutagalung, Hutatoruan, Simorangkir, Hutapea, Lumban Tobing, Mismis.


Keturunan Toga Naipospos melahirkan marga dan marga cabang berikut:

1. Marbun, Lumban Batu, Banjarnahor, Lumban Gaol, Meha, Mungkur, Saraan.

2. Sibagariang, Hutauruk, Simanungkalit, Situmeang.


(Marbun marpadan dohot Sihotang, Banjar Nahor tu Manalu, Lumban Batu tu Purba, jala Lumban Gaol tu Debata Raja. Asing sian i, Toga Marbun dohot si Toga Sipaholon marpadan do tong) ima pomparan ni Naipospos, Marbun dohot Sipaholon. Termasuk do marga meha ima anak ni Ompu Toga sian Lumban Gaol Sianggasana.





Dalam masyarakat Batak, sering terjadi ikrar antara suatu marga dengan marga lainnya. Ikrar tersebut pada mulanya terjadi antara satu keluarga dengan keluarga lainnya atau antara sekelompok keluarga dengan sekelompok keluarga lainnya yang marganya berbeda. Mereka berikrar akan memegang teguh janji tersebut serta memesankan kepada keturunan masing-masing untuk tetap diingat, dipatuhi, dan dilaksanakan dengan setia. Walaupun berlainan marga, tetapi dalam setiap marga pada umumnya ditetapkan ikatan, agar kedua belah pihak yang berikrar itu saling menganggap sebagai dongan sabutuha (teman semarga).


Konsekuensinya adalah bahwa setiap pihak yang berikrar wajib menganggap putra dan putri dari teman ikrarnya sebagai putra dan putrinya sendiri. Kadang-kadang ikatan kekeluargaan karena ikrar atau padan lebih erat daripada ikatan kekeluargaan karena marga. Karena ada perumpamaan Batak mengatakan sebagai berikut:


"Togu urat ni bulu, toguan urat ni padang;

Togu nidok ni uhum, toguan nidok ni padan"




"Teguh akar bambu, lebih teguh akar rumput (berakar tunggang);

Teguh ikatan hukum, lebih teguh ikatan janji"


Masing-masing ikrar tersebut mempunyai riwayat tersendiri. Marga-marga yang mengikat ikrar antara lain adalah:

1. Marbun dengan Sihotang

2. Panjaitan dengan Manullang

3. Tampubolon dengan Sitompul.

4. Sitorus dengan Hutajulu - Hutahaean - Aruan.

5. Nahampun dengan Situmorang.

6. Silalahi dengan Tampubolon.