durian When I have bad dream at night ..it is out of my reach to handle it..so I just down on my knee and pray for strength and cleverness to face life ...
What am I ? What is man if there is disaster to happen ? We are just a small creature if nature is angry then  ruin everything just in a second...
Who dare to explain a meaning of dream ?
Who dare to figure out what  will happen tomorrow on man ? Who knows if we still alive tomorrow or angel of the death take our breath away while  sleeping at night or when having breakfast or when do bathing  or ....? Who knows ?
Fact is people must die and deliver his life to his creator bad or good for responsibled .
If some body knows well..it is good , means he/she mus be a holy person so God tell him/her secret of life .

What is so funny is if some body not patient to wait his turn to die...hahhhaha...
Fact ..we must die thus we can be spirit so we can meet God , our creator .