The gate to Nias island .
sibolga Located on the West Coast of Sumatra, the administrative centre for Central Tapanuli. This is main ferry gateway to Nias Island. The best thing about Sibolga is it's great selection of seafood  for the traveller and fishes for the trader , Sibolga also an internasional seaport  that is why it is always crowded with the traders .

In the past Sibolga is well known with Barus seaport, a small town produce camfer ( champor ) which needed by the Pharaoh to balm the mummy , for medicine, parfume, for ritual ceremony, etc, also king Solomon sent his deputy to buy spices , gold and benzoin to Barus ( Ophir ) .
In desa Pancuran near Barus
the Iranian Nestorian Christian from Persia built the first church in Barus around century 7th  in Desa Pancuran , Barus .
According to Prof. W.B. Sijabat, Nestorian Christians have entered into Barus in the seventh century AD Barus or Fansur is noted by a Nestorian Christian writer named Shaik Abu Saleh al Armini in an important document in Arabic that is written in the twelfth century AD and has been translated into English in 1895. In this document noted that there has been Nestorian Christians since the 7th century in Fansur, Barus (Sijabat,

poncanPantai Pandan 11km north of the town centre and Pantai Ancol . At Pantai Pandan there are so good seafood restaurants.
There is a golf course just 12km from the town centre.

How to get there :

Bus services to Sibolga most is in the morning , you just go to terminal bus or  Petrol Portal (
Pertamina ) on the right side of the street ( if we lead to the North / Medan ) , on the left side of Pertamina there is an office agency of public bus " Tao Toba Indah " to Sibolga
. The main Trans-Sumatran Highway bypass to Sibolga some buses to/from  Bukittinggi , Padang to  Medan also via Sibolga but most is via Tarutung . It takes around 10 hours to get to Sibolga from Bukittinggi. From Parapat at Lake Toba to Sibolga will take around 5 hours.

batak pesisirThe ferry from Sibolga to Nias takes from 8 to 13 hours depending on the weather. Ferries leave nightly at 8pm to both Gunung Sitoli and Teluk Dalam.

Pelni Ferries also operates a service from Sibolga to Padang.

Hotels :

Poncan Sibolga Marina Jl Yos Sudarso No 29 Sibolga

A tropical island retreat with fifty air conditioned beachside bungalows on 62 ha. Has a 24 hour restaurant and can arrange surf, fishing and diving charters.

Hotel Wisata Indah Jl. Brigjen Katamso  

Hotel Pasar Baru corner of Jl Imam Bonjol and Jl Raja Junjungan

Hotel Prima Indah  Jl. Brigjen Katamso

Batak bride around the coast .