Fantastic and best diving and snorkeling Southeast Asia .

iboihSnorkeling and diving to Bali  ? Come on , it is common , try to Pulau Weh , fantastic . Why ? Let me show you the way it stretched just surrounded by the sea of Andaman , Malacca sea , Aceh sea and ocean , the meeting of this waves shaking all what is in the sea so gathering many planktons that is why many fishes come around to this island , thousand kinds , colourful...amazing anemons , purple coral ...oh God , it is beutiful .

This island also well known as thousands caves as bunker for the Japanesse troops during the WW II , you can see the bunker cave only if you walk by , from the air plane you can’t because its are hidden between the rocks .

Rubiah Tirta diving cetre in Iboih has a guide who knows the area where the christmas tree worms live in the sea .

 No praying time in early morning here. Ask any of the many travelers who have stayed for months but still come back for more all the time because its nature and cool temperature. Iboih, Gapang, Sumur Tiga and Sabang Town are all interesting, relaxing and popular amongst foreign visitors. We stay in Iboih , in Fina bungalouw , comfortabel and big room with fan with great view of the sea and sunrise sparkling through the glass window in the morning . If you have planed to stay long better buy water galon near the mosque, there is shop for selling ozonic water , near by you can also have the ready local food on etalase .


Western tourists like to say the geographical name Pulau Weh or Weh Island. Some Indonesian say Sabang for its administrative name, so when asking direction say both name : Pulau Weh or Sabang.


Nice hotels in Iboih with bath room inside like :

Iboih Inn
Fina Bungalouw, etc .

Around Sumu Tiga and Sabang town have many big hotels .