Sandy beaches , hundred water falls and gate to Mentawai island                                                                                                 
pantai padangPadang was a port for traders of gold, spices and timber. They still have old Malay monarchy heritage : Pagaruyung .

Padang is in Western Sumatra on the coast of the Indian Ocean. Many beutiful white sandy beaches here. It is the Regional capital of West Sumatra. Padang meanings sabana, long time ago it is a place for the buffalo , people here is called Minang Kabau , Minang means to arrange marriage or to arrange reproduce of cattle , Kabau or Kerbau means buffalo. Makanan Padang or rumah makan Padang well known around the world especially rendang . So, now many people use name a Rumah makan Padang even though they are not from Padang, how ever they can not imitate the taste itself , the service , cleaness .  Sate Padang is fame also as well as Rumah makan Padang around Indonesia because the satay is well done cooked served with 2 sauce : Padang sauce and peanut sauce or you can find this satay also in 3 wheels food stall withe  sign " sate Padang " .

Now you can buy rendang dried in packed last for 6 months in Jalan Nipah , Jalan Hayam Wuruk and Jalan Tan Malaka .

Pantai Padang .


When eat in rumah makan Padang they will serve variation food for choosed , you pay what ate .
Satay Padang can ordered in rumah makan Padang or on 3 wheels food carriage with sign " Sate Padang" .

Arond the coast from Padang are many beautiful islands which can be visited for snorkelling , fishing or just relaxing on the white sandy beaches. A ferry can be caught to the island of Cubadak or Pulau Cubadak or to the Mentawai Islands ( or )  including Siberut Island , Jakarta and Sibolga . This man is surf instructor : Rick Cameron on +62 751 767 888 or at Many of other companies operating tours for surfing and snorkeling here like Macaroni surfing resort , etc .

Pantai Cubadak .

minangBeaches :
Air Manis Beach, Sweet Water Beach is located 10kms south of Padang. It is has brown-white sand. When the tide is low, Pulau Pisang Ketek (Small Banana Island) which is 200m of the shore of the beach can be reached by foot. There are many rock formations which the legend Malin Kundang Stone formations are found which resemble ship wrecks. The legend of Malin Kundan states that he was cursed by his own word if  denyed his own mother . On the other side you can see also his mother stone in praying form. Legend but fact.
This beach is a perfect place to learn to surf for the beginner because the wave is soft around 0.5m to 1.5 meters. Air Manis Beach is a bay surrounded by forested hills. It only takes 30 minutes to get to from Padang The surfing season  is from February to October when you can surf all day and many more .

Pasir Jambak Beach  is situated 20kms north of Padang with white sandy beaches and calm water it is ideal for swimming and relaxing in the water after long tiring trip . Home stays are available close to the beach.

Bung Hatta Nature Reserve
Located 18km to East of Padang
, width around 2400 hectares,  it's topography has high cliffs and valleys with many flora and fauna including a few Sumatran Tigers, Black gibbons, wild goats, tapirs, honey bears, hornbill birds and Raflesia Gaduansi, Balangphora, Amorphopalus (corpse flower). If yiu hike the heights you can find excellent view of  Padang and the Indian Ocean.

Minang Kabau bride

masakan padang

WATER FALLS ( Air terjun ) :
Water falls in Province of Sumatera Barat are many , some are :

Air terjun 100 Tingkek , Nagari Sungai Duo Lubuk Minturun, Kecamatan Koto Tengah, Kota Padang, Propinsi Sumatera Barat ( 45 minutes from Padang ) .

Air terjun Baburai , Ambengan, Sukasada, Indonesia  Map and coordinat GPS: 8 12' 5.20" S  115 8' 19.29"  , 58 km from Padang , 20 km from Pariaman .

Air terjun Bayang Sani, Kamapung Kota Baru , Kecamatan Bayang , Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan , Sumatera Barat , 60 km from Padang , 20 km from Painan , etc .

Rumah Makan Padang .

sate padang

Souvenirs .
Souvenirs can be found around the market or go to Pasar Atas near Jam Gadang ( Big Ben Padang ) , if you bargain good you can find good price of Kain Sulam Timbul Bukit Tinggi ( price start from 150.000/piece ) , Gold acessories price is according to London market because the carat is standarized with London carat , Kain Songket Padang start from Rp300.000 .
Keripik Balado also can be found every where in the market .
Wood carving
Kain songket Minang .
Rendang dried ( rendang in packed 250g from tuna , egg or meat or casava with small fish ) start from Rp50.000

Sate Padang bumbu Padang ( Satay Padang )

kain Sulam Bukit Tinggi

Hotels :

Nature's Inn
Jalan Hayam Wuruk, No 30B, Padang 25118, Indonesia , own to dive and surf instructor, near school of dolphin, start from rp100.000
Lorent Homestay
Jl. DJamalludin Uak Ketok, No 20 Pisang | Kecamatan Pauh, Padang, Indonesiastart from  rp80.000
Nature's Inn
Jalan Hayam Wuruk, No 30B, Padang 25118, Indonesia , own to dive and surf instructor, near school of dolphin, start from rp100.000
Brigitte House ,
Jalan Kampung Sebelah 1 No 14d, Padang, Indonesia , surfer hotel before got to Mentawai
Maranatha Homestay,
Jl. Bandar Pulau Karam 10 D, Padang 25119, Indonesia , start from rp250.000

Kain Sulam Timbul Bukit Tinggi .

HW Hotel Padang

Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 16 Padang Sumatera Barat, Padang 25118, Indonesia

Close to boat terminal to Mentawai, market and places to eat. Start from rp350.000
Losmen Tintin , the last alternatif because not so clean room but they are also friendly , informatif staff, good food.
Pantai Bungus, KM 21 | Bungus beach km 21 , street Padang-Painan, Padang, Indonesia , start rp100.000

 Paradiso Village resort
Pulau Cubadak, ( located in Cubadak island ) , Padang , Indonesia

So many tradisional food in Padang and well known in Indonesia like :
 fish curry ,
fish balado , fish cooked with sambal ( chily , tomato and spices )
 ikan sampadeh , fish cooked with lemon Kandis ( Garcinia xanthochymus ) , chily and
sate Padang ,
pergedel jagung ,frikadeler corn .
 sala lauk , fried small fish mixed with rice flour
katupek pitalah , compressed rice cake wrapped in cocnut leaf ( ketupat ) served with jack fruit, green bean , red bean  curry . o
 goreng jariang ( sambal jengkol or jering  , Archidendron pauciflorum ) cooked with sambal . or rendang .
Bika Padang , baked cake made from rice flour mixed wit cinnamon powder , brown sugar and coconut .
 pangek ikan , fish cooked with belimbing sayur ( Averrhoa bilimbi ) , chily , spices and potato .
es durian ,  durian served with  creamy sauce brown sugar and iced .
ampiang dadiah  , pure buffalo milk serve with emping and brown sugar sauce and ginger iced 

The funny thing is if other people cook these food like people from Java the taste will be different .