Surfing and ancient palace .
sorake beachThough known for its amazing waves , Nias is also the home of the unique megalithic sites and beautiful beaches ,  well known for  surfing at.

Fun Fact! Remember to check out the stone-jumping ritual fahombo batu, a local coming-of-age initiation custom

SiKomo Guest house in Teluk Dalam has mosquite net in the room. Near by there is big hotel : Novotel Soechi Hotel  .

When you just arrived on the harbour Teluk Dalam many guide will offer you ojek ( motor biker rental ) to their guest house but then if you don't like their guest house you can choose the hotel you like and just pay for the  ride .

nias dancing         

Traditional dance in Bawamataluo , the ancient village .                                                                                 
omo sebua

Omo sebua , traditional house of Nias

Surfers , welll ...this is very quiet place with big wave
How to get there :
You can get boat from Nias ( Teluk Dalam) small cargo boat leave every day from , north end of harbour .

The big metal government run ferry goes departs Nias ( Teluk Dalam)Thursdays and Saturdays and returns to Nias from Tello Friday and Sunday (departs from south end of harbour) it takes about 5 hours and cost around Rp100.000 

When the losmen is full visitor usually stay on Andreas house , he is a good chef , surfer , his wife will teach you how to make coffee powder traditionally or visit his fb profile on :