londonsumateraIf you need a private car to pick you up from airport  to lake Toba or Bukit Lawang , etc you can call us : 081973434717 or email at least one day before you arrive to, we have  profesional drivers and well known in tourism like Taufik , Pulungan , Simamora , Rizal , etc , we will stop in every tourism places along the road to .
The new international airport for Medan , Kuala Namu , was opened on July 24th 2013. The old one Polonia airport is closed , the new one is located around 30km from Medan . Train from Kuala Namu to the gate is cost for Rp80.000 , 
How to get to Medan
Visa on Arrival are issued at Medan Kuala Namu airport and at Belawan seaport . It is best to pay for the VOA in US Dollar.
By sea : Long time ago there was regular ferry from Penang to Medan but now no longer run , there is ferry from Port Klang ,  near Kuala Lumpur to Tanjung Balai , Asahan, takes 4 hours to go to Medan but not common used by tourist most is used by the the traders .
From Melaka ,   Malaysia to Dumai , Pekan baru , booming oil American exploring city .  By air : Flight from Malaysia to Medan is cheaper than to other city in Indonesia .

London Sumatera building
Prime one schoolMedan well known as plantations city , from long time ago coffee , tea , cocoa , tobacco in Bremen ( German ) and UK market are from Medan . Many world traders have lived here that is why Medan only a few years under occupied by the colonial during the world war .
Fame cigarette like : Kansas , Marcopolo, Commodore, Union , West are made in Pematang Siantar . 

Many International schools in Medan , one of them is  Prime One School Medan has additional study : robotic ( Automation ) since elementary school and the students always follow the World Olympic Champions even if the news I heard only won on number two , well as developing country , it is amazing . Source : ,

Prime One Scchool attended World robotic Olympic in Korea 

maimoonSight seeing in Medan
LONDON SUMATERA building on jalan Kesawan is a replic of  LONDON SUMATERA building in London built in 1844 , the owner is the British rubber company "Harrisons & Crosfield" company. Harrisons & Crosfield (H&C) built by Trio Daniel Harrison, Smith Harrison and Joseph Crosfield from Liverpool , also importer of coffee and tea from Sumatera  .The unique of this building is still using the old elevator . Now this building is  office for Brithish consulate and British Library council . ( foto above ) .
Jalan Sisingamangaraja ( Sisingamangaraja street )
Pay your respects at the tomb of one of Indonesia’s national heroes, Sisingamangaraja XII on jalan SiSingamangaraja , the other kingdoms in Indonesia had already been  under occupied by the Ducth colonial earlier since  century 16th but Batak land had not , the people were brave and united to fight in battle, he died 1902 . You can find many good rate of money changers along this street .

Maimoon palace

Batak TobaStill on the same street The Maimoon Palace, built by the Sultan of Deli in 1886 , open to the public . The  Sultan family still lives in the back wing of the palace so only a few rooms are available to the public. There is a small entrance fee . 

A Taoist Temple Vihara Gunung Timur is located 500m South of the Hindu temple . The Vihara Gunung Timur overlooks the Babura River and is the largest Chinese temple in Medan , located  next door to Danau Toba Hotel, on jalan Imam Bonjol is a Buddhist temple

If your hotel has no swimming pool this is the largest swimming pool ( Kolam Renang ) in the city , located about a block down from Grand Mosque , entrance fee Rp6000. They have lockers to keep your valuable .

The Museum of North Sumatera , on jalan HM. Johny , open Tue to Sat from 8.30 am till 5pm , displays of natural history of different cultures and societies in Sumatera .
 The crocodile farm at Asam Kumbang village has over 2000 crocodiles , 10 km from the center of Medan.

Then a few walk by , you will find the Mesjid Raya or Grand Mosque which was completed in 1906 . Near by is the Hindu Temple Sri Mariammam Temple which is devoted to the Goddess Kali. The temple was built in 1884. This is located just across from Sun Plaza a large modern shopping centre. Around this area called Kampung Keling is the Indian quarter of Medan where you will find some excellent Indian restaurants .

medan coca colaGetting around Medan.
The cheapest way to get around Medan is try to bargain becak ( three wheels carriage ) , if you don’t agree with the price just move along the road to the next becak driver  Then if the driver agree with the price he will negociate with the good  price .

Traveling to other cities from Medan

 There are 2 big bus terminals for travel around of Sumatra or to Java : 

Pinang Baris Bus Terminal is in the northern part of Medan . Buses here go to Aceh, Binjai, Bukit Lawangand Tangkahan. To get to Pinang Baris from the centre of Medan a becak will cost between Rp 20.000 – 40.000  depending on your bargaining skills . A taxi will cost between Rp50.000 -70.000 .Amplas Bus Terminal have buses going to places in the South including Berastagi, Parapat (Lake Toba) and Bukittinggiand Java .

Medan coca cola .

traditional peanut

Souvenirs from Medan :

    1. Durian can be found on Jl. Wahid Hasyim ( Kedai Bang Ucok ) and Kedai Pelawi on 

        Jl. Sunggal on junction of Jl.  Kutilang Medan .  

    2. Badak drinks ( Sarsaparilla ) or Medan cocal cola .              

    2. Marquisa Syrup ( passion fruit syrup ) , the good tasted are from Pohon Pinang , Piramid Unta . 

    3. Lemang ( coconut milk , spices and  rice in bamboo cube burnt ) 

    5. Kacang Sihobuk ( traditional roasted peanut )
    6. Ulos  ( Traditional Batak woven  )

    7. Ikan teri ( small dried fish )

    8. Coffee and tea Sumatera 

Hotels :

Jangga House Bed & Breakfast *
Jl. Sei Tuan No.22/24, Medan Baru, Medan, Indonesia, free wifi, smoking area, 
swimming pool, garden
Hotel Sri Deli**

Jalan Sisingamangaraja  , Medan, close to Grand mosque, Maimoon palace , places to eat .
J&J guest house , in front of Hotel Pardede International .
Pardede International Hotel ****
Jalan. Ir. H. Juanda No. 14, Medan , free wifi , airport service , close to Maimoon Palace , Grand Mosque  .


Tiara Medan Hotel & Convention Center ****
Jl. Cut Mutiah , Medan City Center , Medan , Indonesia 20152
 free wifi , close to fruit market , SUN plaza , airport service , smoking area , garden

Danau Toba Hotel International *****
Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 17, Medan City Center, Medan, Indonesia Free wifi , smoking area , 'massage', garden , close to Maimoon Palace  ,  fruits Berastagi  market , Grand Mosque  

In North Sumatera Malay people called Malay Deli , according to the name of the Sultan of Malay kingdom name is Kesultanan Deli  .
In Medan lives all the tribes of Sumatera but also from another island like Celebes , Kalimantan , Java , etc but all of them can speak their mother language because people in Sumatera has golden heart .



Can be found on Jl. Flamboyan , Jl. Gatot Subroto and Jl. Bromo Medan around Rp20-25.000 / bamboo .
When you buy it buy 1 cube , open the seal ( banana leaf on top of bamboo ) then smell it , if it is fresh lasting for 3 days .

Badak ( Medan coca cola ) 

Many years ago before no coca cola in this world , we already have have local drinks : Badak , also has many kinds of flavour there are soda  , lemonade ,  orange , sarsaparilla and  fanta taste made from plant . 

Restaurants : 

Sabas restaurant