Gate to Java .
teras berundakIn century 17th many people from Bali and Java brought by the Dutch to work in Dutch plantation in Lampung , because they were over population in small area , after independent day the plantation is nationalized by the government  .
Now government manage the over population in Jawa and Bali by send them to work in Middle East , government pay first for the pasport , flight , etc then cut half every month from their salary through the agent .
The native people here is Ogan and Lampung people , language and tradition has the same root with Malay and Batak people .

How to get there :
While it is a long way from Medan if take bus or there is flight from all cities around Indonesia to Lampung .

   Teras Berundak ( Stepped Pyramid )
penis stoneTaman Purbakala Teras Berundak ( Megalitic site ) .
 Visit this site is good if you like arkeology , Located on Desa Pugung Raharjo, Kecamatan Sekampung Udik, Lampung Timur , around 42 km from city Bandar lampung . Width around 30 acre , a site from Hindu and Budhist era but also from ancient time like Primitif fence Canal , table stone , sarchopagi , menhir , inscription , penis stone ,  etc .
Way Kambas National park .
Most is for Elephant Conservatory even though many other Sumatera extict animals like Rhino , etc .
They offer Elephant safari for visitor , if you want there is also Elaphant safari night , there is entry ticket around Rp2.500 .
Terminal bus Rajabasa around 500m from city , you take bus to Way Jepara stop in Gajah Batu , Desa Rajabasa Lama , take ojek ( motor biker rental ) to Way Kanan /Pusat Pelatihan Gajah (PLG) this is the entry point , you can see their brochure for information in park . The latest public bus to city is at 3pm but there are cottages near the park .
Visit their blog :
Danau Ranau ( Lake Ranau )

lake Ranau
Danau Ranau ( lake Ranau ) is volcanic lake , the 2nd biggest lake in Sumatera , located on Desa Lumbok , Sukau or around 31km from Kota Liwa , Kabupaten Lampung Barat and on the border of Kabupaten OKU Selatan , Sumatera Selatan ( Palembang ) . Behind the lake there is Gunung Seminung ( mountain
Seminung , 1.880mdpl ) at position 451′45″ South  longitude and 10355′50″ East  longitude .

Tanjung setiaTanjung Setia beach
A good place for surfer , the wave form long pipe line till 200m like wave in Hawaii , season for big wave from  April till October .
Many hotels here or camping ground for tourist here .
Located on  Pekon Bumi Agung, Kecamatan Biha, around 22 km from Kota Krui , around 273km from city Bandar Lampung ( takes around 5-6 hours by bus ) .

How to get there :
Go to bus terminal of the city Bandar Lampung : terminal Rajabasa , take public bus Putra Krui the stop at beach Tanjung Setia , cost around Rp 50.000 .

merak belantungPantai Merak Belantung

This beach is suitable for relaxing , quiet , good for snorkeling .
Located on Kecamatan Kalianda , Kabupaten Lampung Selatan , close to Bakauheni seaport  . There is cottage near by .

Kain Tapis ( traditional woven  ) is made from cotton and gold or silver thread woven . In century 17th Van der Hoop from Holland had found that people in Lamoung already have lace traditional fabric what they castylelled Nampan and kain Pelepai with motif tree , Key and Rhomboid shape , house with the death spirit . Motif in kain Tapis are animals , sun , moon , jasmine during the Neolithicum but after influenced by the Moslem some Arabian motif also added.
Price/piece from Rp700.000 till Rp2 millions .

lampung bride
Traditional foods :
Seruit : Fried fish serve with sambal terasi , sambal tempoyak , ulam sayuran ( raw vegetables ) .
Sambal tempoyak is chilli sauce with durian .
Pindang : fish cooked in chili and turmeric  like Tom Yam taste in Thailand .
Gulai taboh is many kind of peanuts , young bamboo and potato cooked with coconut milk , hm...tasty ..

Souvenirs :
Lempok Durian ( sweetened durian )
Snack from banana  .
Bolu Lapis Legit .
Fishes products .
Kain Tapis (  traditional woven ) .
Kopi Lampung .


coffee ojekOjek Kopi ( Motor biker rental as coffee courier )
Near  gunung Tanggamus , kecamatan Kota Agung Barat , Kabupaten Tanggamus Lampung is  place for coffee plantation , the ojek kopi ( motor biker rental for carrying coffee ) here is the extreme motor biker because they must bring 1,5 kwintal coffee from plantation about 12km to the collector takes 2 hours , they are paid 1 way Rp150.000 . Bad road just wet clay and muddy so they modificate the wheel to suitable on wet clay with chain the tyre .
Can Casey Stoner the winner of racing world  from Australia to do this ?

Kain Tapis

Kain tapis ( traditional woven from Lampung )