Ketambe ,

Orang utan in wild and jungle trek .

tolongFrom Berastagi you stop BTN near bus station on the left side of the road to cabbage monument , fee transport around Rp50.000 better you leave in the morning so you can reach Kutacane before dark because from Kutacane you must take Labi-labi (mini  public bus ) for around Rp7000 to the hotel are in Ketambe, they will drop you to your hotel. Ketambe is area of hotels near the forest .

Ketambe is on the edge of the Gunung Leuser National Park in Aceh province, North Sumatra about 43km north-west of Kutacane. The rainforest research station is off limits to tourists.

As well as jungle trekking one of the highlights close to Ketambe are hot springs that join the Alas river giving a choice of hot water bathing or cooler water in the river. These hot springs are a 2 hour walk from Ketambe. There is a camping ground half way between Ketambe and the springs if you want to spend the night in the jungle. If you are lucky enough maybe yo can see thousands of many kind of butterflies playing on the edge of river of the hot spring .

here the Orangutans you see are wild  and have not be reintroduced in the jungle like some of the ones you see at Bukit Lawang and they are afraid to human because few man try to kill the mother of orang utan the kidnap the baby for selling in black market.  As well as the orangutan you have a chance of seeing Thomas Leaf Monkeys and gibbons, horn birds and others so it is very usefull if you have camera with big focus. If you are lucky again maybe it is season for Rafflesia on blooming.

If walking through the jungle it is best to move slowly and quietly. The animals usually hear you before you can see them and they will move off away from your direction to save encountering a human.

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If entering the National Park you will need a permit and a guide. These can be arranged at the PHPA office in Tanah Merah about 15 minutes out of Kutacane. This office can supply you information about various treks within the jungle including getting the Gunung Kemiri, Gunung Leuser, Gunung Perkinson and Gunung Simpali. Beware to swim in the river in the rain season because may the head of river attack suddenly then swept you away .

You can catch a bus from Medan to Kutacane for around 60.000Rp. The trip takes close to 6 hours.

The guest house are lying near by on the road, so easy to find :

Sadar Wisata guest house

The Friendship Guesthouse , etc