yes, u r rightWhen traveling make sure you are health if not bring your medicine from your country because in remedy place some time difficult to find a doctor or pharmacy.

Traveling is just like daily work that we must run for scedules , bus and flight just different situation and you have more time for searching your self like what Tom said " why we are here in this world ? " .

Come on... life is too short to worry about , when we die we bring nothing just good memory that we have finished the journey of  life with honest and love . God loves me that is why He created me .

Alcohol drink

The most health alcohol drink from Indonesia is beer and tuak ( fresh palm wine or jungle juice ).


When order for fried noodle in restaurant is better to ask for mihun goreng ( the white  small noodle  ) or ifumi ( the yellow flat noodle , in round shape when still in pack )  because when you ask just for fried noodle they may cook for you instant noodle . Avoid to eat  insant noodle , they have bad reputation in neighbor countries and they refuse it to enter their market . When I ate instant noodle , I felt hot in my stomach .

karaokeMost of the European at the first time to eat in tropical place can have diarhae most if  ate ready food on etalase , it is normal , just for get experienced with tropical bacteria , eat just some fresh fruit like banana as medicine or plain rice when have diarhae then drink oralit if occur continue or intake anti diarhae medicine from Apotik ( Pharmacy ) like New Diatabs or Entrostop , the third day if still continue ( usually not ) go to a doctor or bidan ( midwife ).


 Many mosquito at about 5 pm till 7 pm and from 5 am till 7am so close your door during that time .

For avoiding malaria or dengue fever drink enough water for perspiration , once you were biten by the malaria mosquito  the next day your bood will be infected so you will feel fever ,  need to drink enough water for prespiration in order to purify your blood by prespiration then drink fresh juice ( juice with no milk ) to revitalize energy. At the second or third days you will feel good.


Casey stoner loss

Not all fever or the malaria symptoms supposed to be malaria or dengue fever , every person has different symptoms according to immun body so need test blood to make sure if fever not relief for more than 3 days because it symptons are the same with thypus or gastritic so wrong diagnose can be fatal because medicine for anti malaria and dengue  are too acid for thypus that can cause ulcer bleeding .

The most effective medicine and healing is your desire to live and laughing, right ?  If difficult to laugh , try to smile your self on the mirror ...or see this picture        

Do you know even Casey Stoner the winner of racing world from Australia lost by this old man , hahhahhh...


all right ...



Indonesian people has very small awareness of HIV Aids infection and most never test their blood so only a few is known to get infected. Bring always your condom if you need to . Condom can be bought in some shop , mini market or pharmacy ( Apotik ) .

( All right... I am gonna use condom... )