kolak  I am a non-Muslim and was grown among the moslems , what I like in the Ramadan ( the Muslim fasting month ) is many food stalls on the street , what i don't like the weather is very hot like maybe in Arab . , hot and many shops is closed in the morning because the shops were belong to moslem . Due to fasting month they are lazy to wake up early as usual so we must buy our needings for the next day in afternoon . In afternoon usually many food stalls sell ready food on the street . For the people from a country with few moslem the Ramadhan season will give  new dimension . In strict Muslim areas basically all restaurants and food stalls are closed between sunrise and sunset. In most place in Java  will be very difficult to find shop opened which sell fresh food like fish , vegetable or fruits except in mall or mini market In North Sumatra there is normally always an alternative, as a big part of the population is non-Muslim , the rumah makan ( restaurant ) is closed just with curtain but you can enter it for eating in , just  in order not  to be  seen by the people who are fasting. If you are in a Muslim village and need to eat, drink, or smoke, do not do it in public. It is considered offensive and inconsiderate towards people who are fasting.

syrup kolang kaling
The Ramadan is a cleansing period for both the body and the soul. After full one month for fasting then there is Hari Raya Idul Fitri ( Moslem big holiday ) to come ...

These food are sell for cooling body and intestine most during the fasting month for moslem but we like it too even we don't do fasting , hm....fresh and cool..some restorant offer these food for order in advance :
 1. Syrup kolang kaling
    Kolang kaling made from Arenga pinnata palm fruit or or attap fruit , best is if the white one .
 2. Kolak
     Consists of  banana , pumpkin , cassava and kolang-kaling cooked in coconut milk with brown sugar ,
     best if served with ice cube .

Syrup kolang kaling .