cleverThe people of Sumatra lives in 'adat' ( tradition ) and tradition lives in Sumatera  and most of them are religious . They very much appreciate visitors that respect their way of life and most of all people in Sumatera also has golden heart that can be seen to every body who lives in Sumatera from long timeago  from every where is their ancestor may come from they still can speak their own mother language till now like the Chiness etnic still can speaks Mandarin or Cantoness , people from Java still can speak Javaness , etc . In Java many Chiness etnic can not speak Mandarin or Cantoness anymore , etc . So, I give my thumb to UN that support Cultural Heritage that whatever a person tradition , culture that other should pay respect to and not try to delete it because God means it to make people has different , so world is colorful like rainbow . Here are some tips for you on how to "behave" on their way :


Some conversation which common :
In Indonesia you read the words as it is written like in Latin language .

 In the restorant :
'Please hand me the menu' : ' Tolong berikan menu pada saya "
" what time does the retorant open/close? : " pukul berapa restorant ini buka/tutup? '

In the hotel :
" Is there any room avail ? " : ' Apakah masih ada kamar kosong ?"
" How much is the price for a standard room per night ?" : "Berapa harga kamar standard per malam ?
" How much the room price per night ? " : " Berapa harga kamarnya per malam ? "

Asking direction :
" Would you like to show me Where is the street of Jendral Sudirman no.9 ?" : "Maukah Tolong tunjukkan pada saya dimana jalan Jendral Sudirman no.9?"
" Turn to left or right ? " : " Belok kiri atau kanan?"

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