Coffee Sumatera has been well known in the world from long time ago .
Remember "Harrisons & Crosfield" company in London , the exportir coffee and tea from sumatera in century 17th who has their replic building in Medan  ?
Most coffee in Sumatera is export to aboard country there for coffee local is expensive also how we make it is the very different because people in Sumatera get used to drink coffe/tea , wherever you go to the corner of Sumatera , even in remedy place you can find coffee shop .
People in Sumatera is very perfectionist about coffee taste , a picky coffee ,  natural barista .
Starbuck buys coffee from Sumatera too .

Some day a guest said that coffee in Starbuck is not good , I said the problem is not in the coffee but the barista , well you know in Indonesia we can have job not according to our ability but opportunity , maybe the manager/staff is friend or relative ( in some people not all ) .
The problem is even in UN foundation for environment program they recruit the staff from the city who is never went to the place of job , doesn't know location , mother language , their tradition , etc so off course the program isn't work just waste out UN fund , animals is gone , forest is gone ...

OK , when you need coffee Saok Sumatera  for take away  , you can call us : 081973434717 or email to : , delivery order charge to fee transportation where you live .
We live in Tuk-tuk , lake Toba , North Sumatera , Indonesia .
1pack is Rp60.000/500g .

  Kopi Luwak Sumatera
Coffee luwak in this case is collected from the farmer not from farming because we don't have enough budget to run farming for the luwak , luwak is carnivora that needs many kinds of food to eat , luwak also only want to eat fresh coffee so it is bullsheet if there is a factory of coffee luwak in the city .
Yes, if they are kept in the cage luwak will be thin and maybe can die , so we don't do that  , we have simbiosis mutualism  with luwak , so we must sustain its existency .
  Well , you may heard some news about luwak treated in bad way on tv or internet ,  to most the people I want to let you know , we don't do that , our stock is limited , we only can collect coffee luwak during the harvest time from October till April . Some we collect from the villager ,  during  coffee season we trap some luwak and place it in cage for its sheet but  after harvest time is over we let them out . Keeping luwak in cage for long time will cost much money because luwak is like omnivor need many kinds of food like meat , egg , fruits , leaves to keep it healthy .
If then there is found some body who keep luwak in long time in cage  , they are a new beginner , they don't know how to keep luwak and even in the city luwak will not survive because luwak wants fresh coffee bean .
Some people also doesn't realise that to keep bird alone in a small cage is also crime because the bird will die without generation and then will be vanished or do you think God has no meaning  to created its wing ?  Yes you are right , for flying free to spread the seeds for reforestry .

1 pack of kopi luwak is Rp80.000/60g .

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