Hundreds water falls .
While it is long way from lake Toba or Sibolga to Bukit Tinggi , it is worth try to stop here for leisure because the view is very beautiful with  lakes and green mountains and many big waterfalls around  . Below the mountains  scattered ocen of green  paddy field . This place is really a blessed place from God , around Harau cliff if you arrive during the day you may still meet many colourful  butterflies . Harau Cliff has 5 big beatiful waterfalls .Some people say , it is better place than in Padang to find guide to Mentawai Island if you want to see the primitive people . Buses from Bukit Tinggi to Padang take 3 hours.

Bukit Tinggi is in Province Sumatera Barat and this province has 29 mountains but the most popular for the trekker and close to Bukit Tinggi is : 
1.Gunung Marapi ( active vulcano , 2891,3m ) , Kabupaten  Agam dan Kabupaten Tanah Datar, Sumatera  Barat

harau2.Gunung Singgalang  ( vulcano, 2877 m )  , Kabupaten Agam, Sumatera Barat  , It has two lakes on height 2675 mdpl : Telaga Dewi and Telaga Kumbang .

3.Gunung Talamau ( vulcano , 2982m ) Desa Pinagar, Kecamatan Kinali, Kabupaten Pasaman Barat , has 13 lakes on top .

There are many waterfalls arond Harau cliff , one is Air terjun Sarasah Bunta .

Air terjun Badorai , ON HE FOOT OF GUNUNG MARAPI  , Sungai Puar , Kecamatan sungabi Puar , Kabupaten Agam , Sumatera Barat , 8 km from Bukit Tinggi .

Harau Cliff

minang bride

Hotels :

Abdi Homestay, Ikbal & Noni

Kab. 50 Kota | Harau Valley, Bukittinggi 26271, Indonesia , start from Rp 60.000 .

The homestay  for naturalist, backed by the cliffs of Harau, and looking out onto the paddy fields. . They give you coffee or tea any time you like. Many shops near by, start from Rp70.000 .
Hotel Benteng
Jl Benteng No 1 Bukit Tinggi, Bukittinggi 26111, Indonesia, start from Rp320.000.

Jl Dr.Rivai No20, Bukittinggi, Indonesia , start from

Kharisma Hotel
Jl. Jendral Sudirman No. 57, Bukittinggi 26112, Indonesia , up the mountain from Rp200.000

Hotel PANGERAN  ***

Traditional bride in moslem style ( woman using scarf ) and the bride costum is called Kain Sulam Karancang ( traditional Karancang embroidered ). Kain Sulam Bukit TinggiSouvenirs from Bukit Tinggi are :
Kain Songket Bukit Tinggi ( traditional woven ,  man using Kain Songket cover the pant )
Kain sulam Karancang .
Sepatu Kain Sulam ( shoes made with embroidery motif )
Kerupuk Balado ( Casava chip with chilli sauce or sweet or plain /salty )

 This is kain Sulam Timbul Bukit Tinggi  , can be found every where in the market cost around Rp150.000 or more/piece according to the motif and material .
Most gold accesories around Sumatera is made from pure gold standarized to London carat , so don'tmissed it , you can find it in market with sign " Toko Mas ....." or 'Toko Emas ...." , emas or mas means gold .
Remember Sumatera named was Swarnadwipa during Sriwijaya naval kingdom means land of gold .

Keripik BaladoKeripik Balado can be found along street of Bukit tinggi tilll Padang also durian during the durian season .
Durian season is not same in all town so every month we can find durian .

pagaruyuangPagaruyung palace .
This was palace of king of Malayapura in central Sumatera Adytiawarman in century 12th according to inscription Batu Rajo .

How to get there :
You go to terminal bus Aur Kuning in Buit Tinggi take public bus to batu Sangkar , Kabupaten Tanah Datar around 58km , cost around Rp10.000 , tellthem to go to istana Pagaruyung then they will drop you at traffic light junction then take ojek ( motor biker rental ) to the palace or walk .

Anyway , have you seen how crazy orang Minang is ?  ( People in Padang or Bukit Tinggi are called orang Minang )
orang Minang