BENGKULU or British Bencoolen

The old British fort town and amorphallus conservatory .
marlboroughBengkulu City is the capital of the Bengkulu province of Sumatra on the West Coast , in the past its name was British Bencoolen because it was British possesion , they found it in 1685 and occupied until 1825 when the Dutch took over by Anglo Dutch Treaty .

Fort Marlborough , located in the main street of Bengkulu shows some of the British colonialist heritage . It was built by East Indian Company (EIC) in 1713 under Joseph Callet Governor General and is the second strongest fort built by the British in the far east - Fort George in Madras, India being the largest. Its  name  dedicated to a noble man and  hero in England : John Churchill , Duke of Marlborough I . The location is close to nice beach Pantai Tapak Paderi . Close to Bintuhan seaport  where you can hire a boat to Enggano island to see the native people , a nice island with rain forest . Enggano is bird with form glasses on eye. 

Fort Marlborough

rafles palace

Thomas Stamford Raffles also built his palace here , Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles was only a lieutenant general of EIC... (1811-1814), and later was governor general of Bengkulu (1818-1824), during his job he also explored Sumatera jungle and pubished many species in to Transactions of Linnaean Society and contributed two papers in the Transactions of the Zoological Society, London then Queen honored him as Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles .

Rafles palace .


Hutan Tropis Kepahiang in Desa Tebat Monok, 65 km from Bengkulu city is conservation for habitat unique flora  Amorphophallus and Rafflesia arnoldii . the height can be till 1,5 meter and Amorphophallus can be till  2 meter . Blooming season is around March till November , this is also center for education and research .

pantai panjangBeaches
Many nice beaches along coast of Bengkulu but the well known are Nala Beach which is closest to the city and Panjang Gading Cempaka which is 3km from the city center. Good for surfing, wind surfing and swimming.
Pantai Panjang , the longest beach in Indonesia , over 7km .
Bukit Kaba, A Volcanic Crater
A beautiful and natural panorama Bukit Kaba is a spectacular sulfuric crater. It is located away 104 km from Bengkulu and about 19 km from Curup, the capital city of Rejang Leb
ong District, at 1937 m above sea level. This area has two large sulfuric calderas with twelve active craters. The area covers 13.490 hectares.

Red lakeDanau Merah Darah or the Red Lake
 Need about 2 days to walk through hill and forest of  Rimba Candi , kecamatan Candi Jaya , Dempo Selatan .

Located on Bukit Raja Mandare , border of Pagar Alam and Kaur .
Danau Merah darah or red lake .

Giant foot print

Giant foot print on stone  , Kaur , Bengkulu .

  In bahasa Indonesia it is called Prasasti Telapak kaki Padang Guci .Located around paddy field Suro Mekah , Padang Gucci Hulu ,  Kaur , Bengkulu .

According to the villager this was depht about 1 knee of adult person and there was scriptures but then erased by the nature .



Hotel Cempaka Raya
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Raffles City Hotel
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Hotel Pantai Panjang
Jl. Samudra No. 40, Bengkulu , 38223 , Indonesia

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Bengkulu bride

  traditional bride in moslem style .