Long white wide sandy beaches and gate to pulau Weh .

The province at the far north of the Sumatran island . The capital of Aceh the city of Banda Aceh.
Aceh was a wealthy trading port  of world like Singapore right now since century 14th , the evidence is in 1585 when a trade agreement was signed by the Sultan of Aceh with Queen Elizabeth I . The evidence of trading for that remain is just the people in Aceh most are mixed races from India , Arabian , China , European and Malay because all the old buildings ruined by tsunami in 1883 and then in 2004 . Aceh's main exports at this time were gold , ivory , tin , coffee, spices and sandalwood. Now one of the main exports is oil ,  gold and special coffee is Kopi Aceh .

Lampuuk beach view.

aceh noah ark

The Acehnese had tried to gain independence from the Indonesian Republic. A rebellion group had run a guerilla war for over 10 years against Indonesian troops though since the Tsunami there has been a ceasefire and things have been peaceful ever since . Even during the conflict tourists were never targetted and the Acehnese encourage tourists as desperately need the foreign income. Aceh still has a wealth of oil and gold Though most of the funds are siphoned to Jakarta that was why they want to separate from Indonesia but in international media government said that Aceh conflict as led by conflict religion , no as the paragraph one has described the diversity united in Aceh from long time ago same as the media says on tv or newspaper around the world that the conflict in Israel and Filistin is religion conflict just in coincidently thay have different religion is used by some media to provoke hate in people  .

The 2004 Tsunami on Dec 26th is believed to have killed 130,000 people in Aceh. Most of the city was ruined in 2004 but now reconstruction is done .

Noah Ark aceh with 59 survival swept by tsunami from the sea in 2004 .

aceh bride

One of the most beautiful buildings in Banda Aceh survived is The Baiturrahman Mosque, which was originally built in the 12th Century was rebuilt in 1883 by the Dutch Military Government , compare to other local buildings . The Tsunami museum is also well worth a visit, as well as the Aceh museum, and the PLN Electricity barge and Aceh Noah Ark in Lampulo brought 59 survivals from tsunami . Maybe the biggest attraction of Banda Aceh is the nightlife with all its coffee shops and other places to eat . Mie Aceh ( fried Noodle from Aceh is well known around Indonesia  ) .

Along  the West Coast of Aceh you will find some excellent beaches for swimming and snorkeling.

Lho Nga and Lam Puuk beaches are 17km from Banda Aceh. Kuala Doh is 3 hours from Banda Aceh, 12km north of Calang is a 4km beach with great body surfing opportunities.

Malahayati is the seaport for Banda Aceh , it is from  : Admiral Kemalahayati name , a hero in the past . Ferries can be caught here to Pulau Weh, a beautiful island with superb beaches for swimming and snorkelling. The ferry ride takes two and half hours and leave daily . In this seaport you can see colourfull ships .Keumalahayati is a name of an admiral , the first admiral lady in the world , even the British navy asked for peace with her navy on the sea and The Queen sent peace treaty for admission to pass  Aceh sea to sail to other places .

Aceh Bride
Songket Aceh
Ferry to Pulau Weh

There are regular ferries leaving the Ulee Lheue ferry port in Banda Aceh to Pulau Weh . There are slow public ferries or their are fast boats going to Sabang on Pulau Weh which depart at 9:30 AM and 6:30 PM  price for Rp60,000 / person .

A taxi from the centre of Banda Aceh to the Ulee Lheue ferry port will cost around Rp 40.000.

How to get there :
By flight :
 You are unable to get VOA  in Aceh  you must arrange in Medan then flight to Aceh .
By Bus :
Many buses go to Aceh from Medan like PMTOH , Pelangi , etc , I prefer to morning bus because I don't want to miss the beautiful view along the white wide  Aceh coastal . It takes around 11 hours , fee cost around Rp150.000

Aceh Songket  .


Souvenirs :

Kain Songket Aceh
Topi Aceh
Pisang Sale ( smoked banana )
Kopi Aceh .
Manisan pala ( Sweetened nutmeg fruit )
Tas Aceh ( traditional hand made bag ) .
Chocolate bar Socolatte

Foods :
Mie Aceh
Timpan ( rice powder cooked in coconut milk packed in banana leaf )
Keumamah ( dried fish tuna cooked in coconut milk and spices  )

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