cattyWhen you were in Indonesia during big holiday like Christmas, New Year , Moslem Holiday ( Ramadhan ) , Chinesse New Year can be difficult to find a  big hotel or well known hotel because almost all hotel are can full so book far before your arrival then reconfirm to make sure you will stay so they don’t sell it to another . Other hotel not well known maybe still avail but if not you can ask the villager to let you stay in their house if you can not find a room for rent but remember to keep all your belongings close to you like passport, wallet, mobile phone because Indonesian people free to enter and out their neighbour / friend house like their own house.

Most, but not all towns, have at least a modest Hotel called Losmen (pension) , Penginapan, Wisma, Pondok Wisata, Guest House, Home Stay, Cottage, Mess, and Bungalow. All of them are accommodations; Wisma and Mess can sometimes be something else. Mess Pemda or Pesanggrahan is government owned accommodation, used by officials on visit. They are normally open for non-officials also. In most villages, however, there is seldom any proper accommodation. In such places there is normally a coffee shop, restaurant (rumah makan) or two that let you sleep for free on the floor, as long as you eat in the place. Another alternative, especially in villages without even a restaurant, is to ask the village head (Kepala Desa). He will surely arrange something for you he knows whose house has enough room for you. Just remember to try and follow local customs as a way of showing respect and appreciation. If you are unsure, just ask. It will be very much appreciated.

A very few places, mainly in areas where foreigners seldom come, are always “full” when a foreigner wants to rent a room. The reasons can be because : the obligatory reporting to the police too bothersome and expensive in some area , they don’t know how to treat European but most because they think European don’t know how to do bathing with Indonesian bath room . Scooping up water and pouring it over yourself outside the container about a half of hand far so the water not fallen into the container , it is disgusting for Indonesian people who found the European who enter the water bath container .


Cars drive on the left hand side . Bring an international driving license. if you have the opportunity, practice some motorcycle driving before coming. It will likely be useful.

Honking with the horn is not a way to show anger as it often is in Europe. It can mean Hallo friend or just being a reminder that the light has turned green, if you do adhere to the traffic lights.

On other roads the traffic is scarce. Helmets are officially obligatory because the road has sandy can be slippery if you drive fast . It can be cold in the mountains, especially in early mornings and a jacket is recommended for such occasions. Rain is also common. Cheap and practical rain capes are available in many shops. Beware of deep potholes, even in major towns. Chickens, dogs, cats, buffaloes, cows, goats and other animals are everywhere, so be careful, especially at night. Flat tires are not too uncommon, but there are repair shops ( Bengkel or Tempel Ban ) in every village and they do the job very cheap . Gas stations are rather scarce, but gas is also sold in many small stalls along the road.