Parnas Cafe and Homestay, Tuk Tuk, Samosir Island, Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia

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Rooms and Prices

Parnas has seven rooms total, five of which have hot-water showers, and two with cold-water. All are equipped with western toilets.  Three of the rooms are located upstairs, on the road directly across from Parnas Cafe and four more are located downstairs from the cafe, close to the lake. All upstairs  rooms have hot water and two of the downstairs rooms also have hot water.

 There are two main tourist seasons at Lake Toba, Low and High, and prices change due to how full we are or expect to be. Prices are negotiable for longer stays. Our current prices as of 2012 are:

Cold Shower:    rp 50 - 70,000 
Hot Shower:     rp 70 - 100,000 

Cold Shower:    rp 100-150,000 (depending on availability)
Hot Shower:     rp 150-300,000 (depending on availability)

To check availability or reserve a room, please contact us directly.

Upstairs Rooms



Downstairs Rooms