Using the Mobius Action Cam for Insect and Macro Videography

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Watch 15 minutes of diverse videos I've made with this setup.
Make sure to full-screen and watch in HD for best quality.

The insect-ready Mobius Action Cam in action

The Mobius Action Cam is, with slight modifications, a very capable HD video camera  for filming insects. What makes it a great, and inexpensive, way to get into insect videography?


 - Its small size makes it  very easy to point, aim , rotate, and navigate between leaves, grass and other obstacles.
- With proper head angle, you can easily judge the distance to the subject.
- Quick manual focus.
- One button-click to switch on and off or put into standby.
- Superb lens/sensor combination for beautiful HD videos.
- Choice of different  FPS,  resolution, and image processing settings for different scenarios.
- Easy to open the case and non-destructively "modify" the camera. A true maker and hacker dream camera.


- Although the microphone is nice and sensitive, the audio compression (AGC) compression algorithm used in the Mobius Action Cam  is too "hot".  This  means that distant sounds are amplified too much and  therefore sound too close, which also has the effect of  pumping extraneous noise into the audio stream.  This problem is present in firmware version 2.18 and maybe other versions. For this reason I  think the audio stream is not yet "professional" quality. Perhaps this can be fixed in postprocessing using Reaper or another  tool.

- Too slow and cumbersome when switching modes. For an "action" cam, mode-switching should be quick and easy. A one-button press. this could be fixed in future firmware revisions.

Wish List:

- All white balance, exposure, contrast, and other image settings should be  "local"  to a mode (three modes total).  Right now, all these settings are Global, and therefore limit the usefulness of modes.
- The photograph mode should be dropped in favor of  a third video mode.  A photograph can be got from a screen grab from any video. If grandma wants to take pictures let her use a consumer cam.
- Mode changes should be a one-click operation.

Quick-guide to setting up the mobius action cam for insect  and macro filming:
- Get the cam!  There are many sources but I can vouch for getting it direct from the manufacturer, ebay  eletoponline356
- Check out this thread at rcgroups.
- Download the mobius setup program to get the settings how you want.
- Watch my youtube video below on how to set up and calibrate the Mobius action cam for macro videography.

Watch this video to see how to set up and calibrate the mobius action cam for macro videography

Screen-grabs from Mobius Insect Videos I've taken

Questions or comments? contact me ( Tom ) at vaportaleshigh [at] G M A I L dot C O M